Marcom – A New Dawn in the Field of Journalism & Mass Communication

The way businesses market their products is a constantly evolving process. Time waits for no one, and the ebbs and flows of industry and business change shape as time progresses. Today, rarely are markets solely product-led. There was a time when manufacturers and businessmen could sit back and let the quality of their products do the talking, but nowadays that is just not enough. When customer outreach programs are the norm, competition is fierce and cut-throat, and the internet rules the roost, it isn’t just what you sell but how you sell it that can make or break the success of a company.

An integral part of any marketing mix is ‘promotion,’ and marketing communication forms an important cog in the ‘promotion’ wheel. The goalposts have shifted from making a sale to establishing a long-term connection with the consumer, and the rules of engagement have been re-written as well. New marketing avenues have opened up, particularly in the digital world. All of this has led to birth of marketing communication management. This is a vocation that forms the lynchpin of any firm’s communication strategy, and one that is slowly proving its importance and how it is fundamental to growth and development of a business.

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With an occupation this new though, there is sometimes an element of confusion, especially if top-level management do not recognize the needs and demands that are unique to these modern positions. This can often result in square pegs being pushed into round holes, a move that often results in regression rather than progression. At Seamedu, we recognized the need for qualified professionals in this field. So, we designed a course that allows students to face the challenges of market communications management seamlessly upon graduation.

Seamedu’s Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Communications Management

Here is a little insight into the course structure of our Marketing Communications Management degree. The course is split across three years and six semesters, and provides students with comprehensive knowledge on the subject of Marcom management.

In the first semester, students learn the basics or fundamentals of marketing, with exposure to content that lays the ground work and introduces the students to the subject matter. Then they learn strategies of marketing planning – how to develop a marketing plan, the processes involved, and the different approaches they can take. Students are also given an introduction to marketing communications. Lastly, they are also taught the differences between conventional marketing, and marketing in the digital age contrasting past and current, technology driven marketing initiatives.

In the second semester, students are given insights into advertising and marketing tools – the various devices and tools that students can use to deploy their adverts and marketing communiques. They are also given lessons on corporate communications. An important lesson, because corporate entity not just communicates internally and with consumers but with a wide variety of external parties as well, and each entity has to be approached differently. Media planning and marketing, and ad and PR campaign management are also addressed in this semester.

The third semester is dedicated to three very important modules – digital marketing communication, advanced tools in marketing, and sales promotion. The digital world is new and relatively unchartered, so making sense of it is vital for future marketers. By semester three, students have learnt enough of the basics to progress to the more advanced lessons, which is exactly what advanced marketing tools and the module on sales promotion is.

The fourth semester is where the meat of the matter comes in. Some of the most important lectures in the program take place here. This includes strategic corporate communication, challenges and opportunities in marketing, brand building and corporate branding, advertising and marketing strategy, and market research. The semester helps students dig deeper in to marketing communications and develops further on the building blocks that were embedded into their mindsets in the first three semesters.

In the fifth semester, these lessons are further enhanced, and more nuances of marketing communications management are introduced. Celebrity and event management, a facet that is widely ignored but has lucrative opportunities is taught in this semester. As is another widely ignored but vital topic – product launches. Personal skills such as interpersonal relationship and managerial skills, crisis communications and management, and the extremely important ethical aspects of marketing are all left until the fifth semester to ensure that these important lessons are on the forefronts of students’ minds when they graduate.

Semester six is all about rounding off the students’ educations with intellectual pursuits that will add to their profiles. This includes their final projects, an internship program, and their academic dissertation. Once all these are completed, only then is the student deemed worthy of graduation.

Career avenues upon graduation

After graduation, students are qualified to apply for posts in a wide variety of roles. This includes:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Online Marketing and Advertising specialist
  • Marketing Communication
  • Business Development
  • Advertising Agency
  • Media Planning
  • Corporate Communication Department
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Content Writing
  • Media Research

As you can see, the kind of versatility a degree in Marcom offers students cannot to be found in a lot of the other bachelor’s verticals that students consider such as BBA, BCA, or a B.Com. These courses tend to provide you with superficial knowledge regarding a wide variety of topics, some of which are not relevant in today’s day and age. However, Seamedu’s Marcom course is well structured and defined within parameters so that students are completely equipped with both the learnings and the tools they require to be an immediate success in the professional world.