In the Loop: Looking at Music Production as a Career Option
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May 3, 2016
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May 3, 2016

In the Loop: Looking at Music Production as a Career Option

India has had an intense love affair with music since time immemorial.

From classical to regional, Bollywood, and desi pop, we have, as a nation, always loved our music. The greatest indicator for this is indeed our films. Indian films are unique when compared to those of other nations because here songs are as much a part of the filmmaking as set-building and scripts. It is just a given, and a huge money-spinner for the powers that be of the movie business.

However, this has also been a drawback until recently. For a long time, western music was restricted to cover bands in smoky pubs and small live venues. But in the last decade or so, that has changed massively.

Indian music, global tastes

Western musical influences – rock ‘n roll, jazz, metal and now even the latest sensation to set the world music scene ablaze, Electronic Dance Music or EDM – have all garnered a massive fan base within the country. This is evident from the many massive music festivals that have sprung up everywhere across the country. Take the Mahindra Jazz festival, now five years old, and an institution for the jazz scene in India. Or, Sunburn and Supersonic, rival festivals set on Goa’s sandy beaches that are all about partying hard while the absolute biggest names in EDM from India and abroad spin some of the hottest tracks of the year. Then there is the NH7 Weekender, which has an eclectic mix of music and musicians across genres and attracts crowds from all walks of life to enjoy a veritable feast of artistry from different styles and categories of music. These and others such festivals and events have attracted a huge complement of international artists to play aside India’s burgeoning talent. Think of any famous DJ from the global scene and chances are that they have performed here – Tiësto, Avicii, David Guetta, Afrojack, Armin van Buuren and so many more. Then there are artists from other genres as well – Slash of Guns ‘n Roses, thrash metal pioneers Megadeth, rap god Snoop Dogg, rock legend Carlos Santana, one of the world’s biggest metal acts in Metallica, Bob Marley’s band (The Wailers), and the list goes on.

India goes international

It is not all one-way traffic either, because there are Indian artists making a splash on the global scene as well. Bands such as Pentagram, who have played at the legendary Glastonbury, or Arjun Vagale, techno producer from India and former member of Jalebee Cartel, regularly enthrall crowds at some of the best-known underground clubs in the world.

Then there is Demonic Resurrection, who play their unique brand of death metal at European and Asian concerts on a regular basis as well. Of course, one of India’s most celebrated music producers, A.R. Rahman, too, has collaborated with everyone – from The Pussycat Dolls to Mick Jagger – and is much lauded for his immense talent around the globe.

The business of music

Clearly, India is well and truly a global music powerhouse now, and as far as the business side goes, the music scene is expanding at an alarming rate. According to a KPMG study (as reported here), India’s recording industry was valued at Rs. 9.8 billion, and this is just the beginning because, “India’s recorded music business will nearly double over the next five years, bringing in an annual income of Rs. 18.9bn (US $300m) in 2019.

As with everything else, going digital has a lot to with the success of the Indian music industry, as this article by Live Mint illustrates. The author quotes, “India’s digital music industry is expected to cross Rs. 3,100 crore in revenue by 2020, while the number of online music listeners in India is expected to reach 273 million, according to consulting firm Deloitte India in its report – Digital Media: Rise of On-demand Content.”

The need for producers

With the rise of Indian music so rapid, and Indian artists receiving so many platforms both in India and abroad, the stage is set for music producers in India – people who can use the latest software to create MIDI tracks, beats, and full-blown songs (either through collaboration or as standalone artists).

Our music production courses in India

We, at Seamedu, recognize this gap, and would like to help turn young music enthusiasts into the producers who can take India’s music scene to the next level. We offer two programs under our music production courses in India:

These two courses give prospective producers the right education with the right tools. The courses allow students to gain the competency and qualifications to get out in the field and create music history. Whether through Abelton Live or Logic Pro, our students can learn all the below listed music production skills in just five days:

  • Understanding Workflow Techniques
  • Recording and Editing Audio and MIDI
  • Using Software Instruments
  • Working with Audio Effects
  • Mixing and Automation
  • Manipulating Pitch and Time

If you want to break away from the mold and create your identity in India’s ever-emergent electronic music scene, then you need the right skillset. There is a lot of success to be had in this field, and it has reached nowhere close to its full potential. Students who are armed with the professional skills provided by our music production courses can ride this wave of opportunity.

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