Confused Between Game Design and Game Development?
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Confused Between Game Design and Game Development?

Game Design vs Game Development

Willing to work in Gaming industry but confused what to pick between Game Design & Game Developer?

Read on! Solution to ease you mind is just here…

We are witnessing an era where everyone is hooked on to their screens. All thanks to the ‘one size fits all’ concept based games suitable for all formats of hand-held devices. The demand, market, and scope within the gaming industry is enormous and it eventually has created a never-ending demand of talented, tech-savvy game enthusiasts. Who knew playing games can become a boon.

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One of the most demanding job roles under the profile is of being a game designer and of game developer. Confusing enough since the title seems almost same. But trust us, it is not the same no matter how closely linked they seem because of their names.

The basic difference between being a game designer and game developer is of conceptualizing the game, develop the concept stage wise and bringing it to reality.

That is what a game developer does. A game developer is a magician (read as programmers) who focuses more on technical aspects of making the game. Placing sketches, layouts also storylines together and bringing it to playable condition.

A game developer is anyone who has any involvement with the creation of the game at all; it could be an engineers, animators, modellers, musicians, writers or producers as well.

Basically, converting the objectives and ideas of the designing team into an actual product is done by game developer; which is accomplished by writing hundreds of thousands of lines of functional code, expressing designer’s idea.

These game developers possess deep understanding of various languages to develop the game like C++, Perl, Lua and more.

To work as game developer core competencies is to be able to develop code which can make the game work. This could also involve resolving or fixing the glitches of the game or bugs.

If you decide to take job of a game developer, you also have to be aware that a game developer’s work is a non-ending job they have to be abreast with the latest gaming trends and development in various programming languages.

Some of the key skills a game developer should possess are:

  • Passion for games
  • Strong analytical mind-set
  • Proficiency in programming languages like C# and C++, video graphics and hardware
  • Wide knowledge of gaming trends
  • Problem solver

A game designer on the contrary are the creative wizards who blend skills like understanding the game flow, story and imagination to develop virtual world and engaging game concepts.

Basically, game designers are the lot who have in depth understanding of what can entice a gamer based on which they visualise the idea, comes up with the initial framework to ensure the virtual world they want to create is flawless and appealing to the segment.

Creation of this initial framework is the most perilous part for a game designer. It is on this part a game’s success is dependent and can make or break it. Quite often based on scope of the game, multiple teams are created, which makes it easy to handle different stages of the entire process.

Game designers can also be a part of game script writing, for which the only aspect required is to be able to dream big and to be able to analyse how far a game or its stages goes. They study how the game will work and flow from start to finish; understanding of various ways a game can be played; collaborate with other team members to build levels successfully; and create product document for future reference.

Certain key aspect which a game designer should possess are imaginative ability to think and structure a game, creativity, problem solving skills, and innate love towards playing games Smile.

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