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August 17, 2015
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Gamescom 2K15

Gamescom is an annual event held in Germany, mainly for video games. Many big companies decide tos howcase and reveal games at this event as it is the largest gaming in the world with 300000+ attendees. Of the many games showcased, here are the ones that stood out.

  • Mafia III (2K Games)Mafia is a sequel to 2010 game Mafia II by the same company. Its an open world third person game. Very GTA like but focus a lot on its story. The first thing that stands out in the trailer is the stunning visuals. 2K Games stepped up their game and the action is quite amazing as well.



  • Mirror’s Edge : Catalyst (Electronic Arts)Mirror’s Edge : Catalyst is a sequel to Mirror’s Edge. It is a first person open world game. The aim is to traverse through the city using parkour movement and to evade enemies. The parkours in the game are quite amazing as well as the combat sequences. However, right off the bat you notice how the game is more combat oriented than the orignal.

Mirror Edge

  • Need For Speed (Electronic Arts)Need for Speed (NFS) is a racing game franchaise by EA. It is the 21st major installment in the franchise. The game is set as open world and is to be a full reboot of the series. NFS is a franchaise that I grew up playing and this one has a feeling of one of the older variations of the game. Its quite refreshing and visually off the hook. Especially how smoothly the game transitions between cutscenes and the game.


  • Quantum Break (Microsoft Studio)Not much is known about this game. Quantum Break is an upcoming third-person shooter action game to be released for the Xbox One. The game will feature digital episodes that interact with the game based on the player’s choices. The game features Shawn Ashmore, Dominic Monaghan & Aidan Gillen (The one who plays Littlefinger from Game of Thrones). An interesting point is that it features a TV show as well. The show will tell the story from the antagonist’s side.

Quantam Break

  • Mad Max (Warner Bros)Mad Max is an upcoming vehicular combat and third-person action video game set in an open world environment and based on the Mad Max film series.


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