Breaking News: Journalism Careers in Demand Across India!
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May 13, 2016
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Breaking news: A career in Journalism might just be your thing!

“The pen is mightier than sword” is a phrase you must have heard time and again. But if there is one field which proves this proverb to be true, it is “Journalism.” Talking about today’s scenario, journalism is one word that has captured the imagination of different age groups and generations and it continues to be one of the most popular courses in universities, thereby attracting a lot of students.

The terms journalism and mass communication go hand-in-hand. Through mass communication, we provide information, education, and entrainment to a large audience, but presenting the collected information is the main aim of journalism. Journalism, at the undergraduate level, prepares a student for a career as a journalist and provides a general education about news media, press, radio, television and multimedia.

Every day, we come across different happenings/events about political, cultural, religious, and natural events through mass communication.

But what exactly is “journalism”?

Journalism is the collection and dissemination of news through different media (print or electronic media) and it involves various areas of work like reporting, writing, editing, photography and broadcasting. A journalist holds the power to influence millions of people with firsthand information.

A career in journalism

Talking about a career in journalism, it is one of the most respected, rewarding and prestigious professions. Many journalism assignments involve a sense of exploration and writing about rapid developments taking place around the world. Thus, journalists play a very important role in the development of the nation.

Do you have it in you to become a responsible journalist?

Being in this field requires a person to be presentable and confident, with a flair for languages and the ability to communicate information accurately and concisely. He or she should have some inherent basic qualities like an inquisitive bent of mind, communication skills, ability to differentiate between fact and fiction, awareness, interest in current affairs and the capability to handle unforeseen or unprecedented situations efficiently. And it is here that the value of reliability and capacity to work independently is immensely high.

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