Master the Art of Mobile App Development
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Master the Art of Mobile App Development

In India, apps are becoming a big deal. Look around you, every piece of marketing you see or hear – whether it is on a hoarding, in the papers, on radio or on TV – the phrase “download our app today” or something along those lines is highly likely to feature, and quite prominently, too. So why is every corporate entity, big or small, venturing into the mobile app development space? This is because we Indians love our apps. This is not just an idle boast either, because there is empirical data available to back up this assertion.

India – A Hotbed for App Development

According to this write-up in the Economic Times, the app industry in India has risen past the global average. The article says, “As Indian mobile app usage outpaced global app usage, mobile app usage in India grew 131 per cent, as per Yahoo’s latest report.”

“Growth in app usage is far exceeding its global peers, driven by country’s obsession with mobile app shopping, which contributed to 19 per cent of their time spent on their smartphones (second only to gaming, which took 25% of user’s time). App growth in Asia stood at 77 per cent.”

This data is a result of analysis conducted by the Flurry team on over 700,000 apps and 1.8 billion devices from the world over. The Indian portion of the study amounted to 42,000 apps and 82 million devices.

The app development market has responded to this growth in demand as well. This Livemint news story cites quotes from global IT and tech giants Google to exactly that effect. The article reports that, “India has the second largest app developer population in the world with three million coders, Google said in a statement. It has the potential to become the number one developer population by 2018, with four million developers.”

ZDnet, too, has some interesting insights into the Indian app market and its growth. As per this interview with the India head of global Android app platform 9Apps, “Registering a growth of 49 percent over the previous year, the number of internet connections in India has reportedly crossed 400 million in December 2015, and the figure is likely to be around 500 million by 2017.”

The article sets the tone for app usage in Indian then goes on to say, “Indian users are estimated to have downloaded 9 billion apps in 2015, five times more than 1.56 billion downloads in 2014. The mobile users have reportedly spent $240 million in 2015 compared with $140 million in the previous year.”

The good news for anyone looking at a career in app development is that none these trends look like slowing down either. In fact, this piece from the Business Standard seems to indicate further growth in the near future. This particular write-up cites a report by the think-tank of Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER) and Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI). This report gives very promising news to those looking to enter the app development fray.

“India’s booming application ecosystem could generate employment to the tune of 151,230 to 159,010 over the next one year. Indirect and induced effects could result in an increase in total employment by up to eight times during 2014 to 2016. This puts the size of India’s app economy at Rs. 1,964 crore in 2016.”

The article goes on to state that – “the country is experiencing 100 million downloads per month even though smartphone penetration is estimated at less than 20 per cent currently. Despite this, India is among the top five regions for Google Play, the official Android app store. The number of 3G sim cards in India is also expected to jump from 35 million in 2012 to 272 million by 2017. India also contributes significantly to app development as roughly ten per cent of apps worldwide are developed by Indians, either based abroad or at home.”

A Gratifying Career in the Exciting App Development Domain Awaits

With an industry that’s currently growing at almost alarmingly rapid rates, all sorts of players throw their hats into the ring. Those with the right credentials and profound subject knowledge stand a much greater chance of rising to the top though, and Seamedu provides prospective students with the opportunity to acquire both. With our three-year bachelor’s degree in Computer Application Mobile App Development, you get topnotch theoretical lessons, and practical, hands-on execution of those lessons on a multitude of diverse functions of app development.

Take a look at a quick summary of all that this course covers:

  • VR & AR Development using C#
  • Mathematic required for App Programming
  • Distribution & Marketing
  • HCI (Human Computer Interface/Interaction)
  • Android App Developer
  • iOS App Developer
  • Java Programming
  • Objective C Programming

The eligibility criteria for our Mobile App Development degree course reflect the specialist nature of this line of profession. This means, only students who have either a 12th with mathematics and physics, diploma in computer engineering, diploma in computer application, or a diploma in computer applications and programming are eligible to apply.

Students who earn their degree in our course will have the requisite qualifications for positions such as:

  • Mobile App Developer
  • Java Programmer
  • Objective C Programmer
  • Android Developer
  • iOS Developer
  • C++ Developer
  • C# Developer

So if you are a young smartphone enthusiast who has a fascination for how mobile applications work, and wants to explore the world of app development, then our Mobile App Development program would be the perfect fit to turn your interest into a career path that is on the rise.

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