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Why Indian Parents Need to Start Looking Beyond BE, MBA and MBBS for their Kids

Gone are the days when India was relentlessly churning out doctors, engineers and MBA graduates. Today’s world is dominated by media. The number of media-related jobs that have cropped up in the last decade are quite astonishing. Every field – from animation, game engineering, and film making to photography – has rapidly gained popularity, because these are the things consumers are looking for today.

Let us take a look at a few career options that today’s generation could benefit from:

1. Animation

With advancements in technology, today there is literally no movie produced without VFX. Animation and visual effects are what make movies sell today. Production houses and media companies are always looking for young, talented individuals for animation and visual effects. With hundreds of new movies coming out every year, there will be no shortage of job for young animators fresh out of the best animation courses in the country.

2. Game Development

Gaming is not new. It has been around for decades in many different forms. Gaming consoles have changed and developed over time which has increased the demand for new and more exciting games. A game developer is anyone who contributes to the making of a game. It could be the artist, the producer, the programmer or the sound engineer. Game development has become a big enterprise in media today. Visual effects and animation play a huge role in game development courses as well.

3. Game Engineering

Game engineering is a part of game development. A game engineer or programmer is someone who actually writes the codes and puts in the various parts of the game. Usually, there are teams of engineers or programmers who work on games where each person has a different role. Game engineering is also looking like a very promising career today.

4. Sound Engineering

As previously mentioned, sound engineers contribute to the development of games. They also work on movies, TV commercials, music videos and also live performances. Sound engineering courses teach an array of different software. In a world where movies and games are pretty much what people do all day, sound engineers can really bring in the big bucks.

5. Film making

Film-making courses have also been around for a long time. But they have recently gained more popularity. Again, these courses teach students how to work with different software. The courses also include elements of sound engineering and visual effects. Film makes have a huge scope when it comes to job prospects. Independent film makers are slowly getting “discovered” and are making a name for themselves in the film industry.

6. Journalism

Journalism is yet another career that has been around for decades. Of course today, it has changed its form completely. There is a certain thrill in journalism that is rewarding in itself even without the hefty pay. Journalism courses offered all over the country have a variety of different elements depending on what type of stories you want to cover.

7. Photography

Photography has always been viewed as more of a hobby than a profession. However, did you know that photographers can make millions of rupees taking photographs with just the right training? National Geographic is always looking to recruit fresh talent on social media pages. Photography courses include a lot of technical information about how a photograph is captured and how one can make the most of the lighting available to take a good photograph.

All these options are more creative and intellectually stimulating than the typical engineering and surgery. Seamedu School of Pro-expressionism in Pune is one of the biggest colleges for mass media in India. Young adults today are gravitating towards these options more than ever and should be encouraged to pursue them because the fact of the matter is that there is a need for fresh talent and they will get snatched up companies almost immediately.

Our world is changing. The younger generation is a more creatively inclined one. They are passionate about art in any form. Media colleges are in demand. If our children are realizing a more creative way to express themselves, live their lives and earn money, why not support this creative change?

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