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April 5, 2016
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Seamedu School unveils its world class Nuage 7.1 Studio with RedNet

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Our mission is to provide holistic, experiential and globally-relevant learning. Standing true to our mission, we’re all set to unveil our Nuage 7.1 Recording & Mixing Studio. This studio is a perfect case study for futuristic technology like network audio, latest mixing surface, working with 2 DAWs like Pro Tools & Nuendo simultaneously. Seamedu prides itself in being the first institute in India to incorporate network audio in its curriculum. What makes it all-the-more unique is the fact that the studio will be used only by Seamedu students. Think about the vast knowledge that can be acquired in this studio!

Seamedu has always been a pioneer when it comes to adopting new technology. This time, we’re doing it with Focusrite RedNet.

What is Nuage?


Nuage is a DAW controller by Yamaha. It is the ‘heart’ of the studio where all the signals are controlled. It’s a wonderful control surface that can control multiple DAWs simultaneously. It has multiple user-assignable switches which give the students flexibility to use custom keys & commands. The touch screen display and associated knobs with Nuage Master Control do a great job for setting cues and monitors. We will be using Nuage to work primarily with DAWs like Pro Tools HD & Nuendo. Our students will get a chance to work in this studio for the Multitrack Recording project, Post-production, 5.1/7.1 mixing projects, or even their own personal projects.

What is RedNet & Dante protocol?

RedNet has been designed keeping in mind the latest studios with multi-recording rooms, live sound, broadcast & other applications. It is completely digital – so there are no running cables to record & transfer audio from 1 room to the other. RedNet is a step above its I/O competition, providing some of the most transparent and pristine audio quality available – with the added benefit of the system’s revolutionary networking capabilities.

Dante, developed by Australian company Audinate, is a tried and tested ultra-low-latency digital audio networking system based on Ethernet and IP technology – implementations of internationally-agreed standards. Dante networks have been used in the live sound industry for several years. Audio can be made available anywhere it is required, capturing or relaying a live performance, or distributing audio to previously hard-to-reach or prohibitively expensive locations.

Students will now get a chance to record music over Dante protocol using the Focusrite RedNet hardware. This gives them the flexibility to sit in any of our recording rooms, music production labs, classrooms, or anywhere in the building using a single CAT6 cable to start recording.

Apart from Nuage & RedNet systems, Seamedu also acquired the industry-standard Mackie HR824MK2 7.1 monitoring system. These speakers are mind blowing for film mixing. Apart from 7.1 monitoring system, students will also get a chance to mix & master their music on the latest Neumann KH120 monitoring system.

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