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July 25, 2015
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July 28, 2015

Step-by-Step Guide on how Animation Students can benefit

3With great power comes great responsibility.  That is why animators are always hands-on with their job. But nothing matters if you are truly passionate about your work. The Pixar animation team has stated ‘Computers do not animate but people do.’ That’s what really matters at the end of the day. Keep your passion alive and nothing can dither you from your dreams. But what exactly comes along with the role of being an animator? Let’s talk about that!

Here is what you should be doing as an Animator

The basic thing that an animator is expected to do is creating special effects, visual images with the help of electronic tools or creations and computers. As an animator, you have the special requisite to create unimaginable work out of the ordinary. You can work for movies, video games and television shows altogether.  But that is what everybody is doing. How do you stand out then?

How about this? Imagine yourself designing animation or graphics for websites. Has this thought ever cross your mind? Well then you should consider doing this and a host of other ideas. You can recreate crime scenes for various court proceedings, produce simulations related to medical procedures or military practices and produce virtual tours for building model or architectural homes. These are some examples you can consider taking as this will enhance your work portfolio too.

It is sad that people have a wrong notion that animators are capable of making cartoons alone. Do not listen to all this. You know your job well and that’s all that matters. As an animator, you have a huge scope than you can ever imagine. Recognize your talents as you alone have the capability to bring the characters and other objects to life. Your work translates through the audience mind and that is your greatest reward.

2 (1)The Challenge

After a lot of discussion with video fanatics on whether animation videos perform better, we have come to the conclusion that a lot of work can be put in for animated videos. Do you know that doing an animated movie can help cast all fears aside of video equipment shortage or non screen talent. We have heard a lot of stories of people unable to face the camera and letting loose on camera. If your fear shows on the face, the audience notices at once. For that reason, using animated characters won’t build such tension. As an animator, you have the liberty to take control of things; whether you let your artistic imaginations bend or go beyond, you have to make sure that the communication comes clearly to the audience. Remember that there is nothing like simplicity.

Shooting an animated video spares you the horror of re-shooting and swapping one scene in the live scene. If one footage goes haywire, you have to invest in so many changes. Making animated video can allow editing out all the small changes in a single clip followed up by the present look of the video.

People love visuals especially if is simple and self explanatory. As an animator remember that is better to show than to tell because frankly who has the time these days.

The greatest challenge for you as an animator is to foster emotion in people and if you are able to project the same without the use of animation, you are close to making history. One such video that generate an emotional stir surrounding food production was Chipotle’s short film, ‘Scarecrow.’ Thinking beyond is your answer.

The BigQuestion!

We are drawing to a close but we are pretty sure that this question must be looming in your mind by now. You must be curious to know which direction your boat should veer to. Well we can direct you to an institute that offers nothing but the best for the students. In fact, a whole lot of their past pupils have come up with so many attention-grabbing works. Yes, people, we are talking about none other than Seamedu; the institute that believes in welcoming ideas and making it cooler. You know you are in the right hands with them so don’t twice reaching out to them.

These are some of the guidelines for all the animation students out there. Remember that obvious has long died and gone. The world is seeking out for a talent like you. Reach out. You know what to do next.

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