‘The Music Room’ – A Delight for Young Filmmakers & a Grand Success!

Young filmmakers from Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism set out to produce their first television show, ‘The Music Room’, and what a marvellous show it was! On December 9, 2016, the final year film degree students set out to create a reality-based TV programme using multi-camera setup at the institute’s studio premises. The show was a contest between two Indie bands of Seamedu who battled hard for the title.

After months of preproduction work and tackling the various challenges they faced, the students finally locked the shooting day on Friday, December 9. The call time was set early at 7 AM and after having a brief team discussion and under able guidance from their mentors, the students started preparing the floor as per the pre-decided plan.

It was a unique event where students from film, sound, journalism and photography departments contributed in collaboration to set up the production.

Film students set up six different camera positions to cover the main event, anchor, and judge’s panel and installed the production lights, centre stage and backdrop.

seamedu seamedu

Sound students handled the audio part and set up microphones all over the set to record the various sound feeds sent to the sound mixing console.

The photography team covered the production stills.

Coloured lights were used to light up the backdrop and stage which was complimented with a smoke machine that gave it a fantastic dream-like effect. When the lights were ready and tested, the set looked nothing less than a fancy MTV show – a jaw-dropping visual treat!

The PCR, or production control room, where the editor, director and producer usually sit, was handled by the students themselves. Here, the multi-camera feeds would be connected to a vision mixer and final master mixed video would be recorded after online editing. They used a track-and-trolley to enhance the shot taking. When everything was ready, the director asked every other crew member to clear the floor and the show began with the command ‘Roll cameras!’ from the director.

The highlight of the production was that for the first time, a LIVE feed of the shoot was sent on an online channel where anybody around the globe could watch the shoot on their computer and smartphone screens. This posed a great challenge to the students to produce a perfectly flawless show.

The two bands performed in two separate rounds. Round 1 included a self-composed rendition, while that was followed by round 2, where the bands had to perform a special rendition dedicated to the acclaimed music composer, A. R. Rahman.

The judges, who are professional musicians (and Seamedu alumni) were flabbergasted by the sheer brilliance of the two rock bands.

The show was anchored by a second year journalism student with equal panache. The judges further gave their judgments and suggestions for improvisation to the two teams. The entire event was seamlessly captured by a well-coordinated team of filmmaking and sound students with minimum errors.

The entire script was divided into various sections – performance, anchoring, video transitions and judgment. The VTs consisted of behind-the-scene rehearsals of the two bands were separately recorded and will be incorporated in the final edit. The show ended with a special performance from the judges who encouraged and acknowledged every ‘star’ performer on the show before declaring the winner.

The final ‘wrap’ was announced after covering various scheduled shots within three hours and the daylong production ended with the sweet smell of success as everyone from the crew cheered and celebrated in a delightful victory dance!

It was indeed a proud moment for the students of Seamedu who have learned the nitty-gritties on-the-job and have become ready to take on real-world challenges after their graduation.

seamedu seamedu
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