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Top 6 Predictions in Film Making for 2015: Is your Filmmaking Course Giving you the Right Training?

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The business of filmmaking has always been on the frontier of technological advances, setting trends and continuously delivering awe-inspiring experiences in cinema. 2015 is going to be no different with film making adapting itself to the various online platforms and going digital! Here are our predictions for the year 2015.


The predictions

 Meaningful recommendations

Ratings are stepping out of the traditional framework and taking a social standing. Community curation is coming up strong. Apps are being developed as we speak that hold the capability to collate your friend’s film ratings and then put it through a tagging system. The result is that the ratings will be a lot more meaningful.


Franchises will continue to rule the game. With Star wars, Avengers, Fast & Furious, all set to be released in 2015, the action just won’t die down. This year these franchises even have a theatrical agenda with the release of paranormal activity 6 and the 5th mission impossible making its way to a release. The list is long and only keeps getting even more exciting!

Advertising funded programming

This form of advertising also quite popular as branded content is gaining popularity with brands investing in short films, animations, and even TV shows the coming year. Prime examples of such content are the super bowl ads and doves latest campaign of the beautiful and common door! Viacom has dedicated an entire team to this activity and many agencies are following suit.

Mid budget films are gearing up to say Good Bye

Jonathan Wolf, Managing Director of AFM (American Film Market) says “the change we’re seeing more of is what we call the bifurcation of the industry… [there are] more films with bigger budgets and more films with smaller budgets, and fewer films in the middle.”

Studios and big houses are by and large investing in the franchise culture (basically anything has super heroes in them) dumping in huge investments and everything else is getting pushed into the art rich but resource poor low budget film category. Independent agencies are no longer looking at investing mid budget movies that can cos between 5 to 60 million per project. This may be the year that we kiss these mid budget films good-bye!

Blurring of lines between reality and fantasy

How can we leave out augmented reality when addressing a topic so close to technological advances in cinema? Movies like Minority Report and Avatar have already presented the stunning results that the layering of CGI on reality can bring about. But as we dive deeper into the realm of augmented reality that is all immersive and not just a flashy replication of reality. But this can only work if the narrative and the story adapts to playing with the interactive ability of the technology.

Dolby will take over the world

Why stop at just taking over the sound market? Dolby is looking at competing with IMAX experience by combining two of their products and delivering a cinematic experience that the audience across the world is yet to experience!


But the question is…..

Is your filmmaking course keeping pace?

The thing about cinema is that it has to stay in touch with the current trends and have an eye out to the changes that can be expected in the future. Cinema now is moving towards a more digital and socially adaptable scenario and is grow more and more entrepreneurial in nature. The room for independent filmmakers and what they can do today has changed largely and this is change that has happened for the good. More and more people are picking this up for a career. If you hope to be one of them, then you need to start at the very beginning and make the right choice by picking a good filmmaking course. The course you need to be applying for needs to be in touch with the latest trends and should be preparing you for working with the latest technology. If they aren’t training you for what is happening today, how can they possibly hep you prepare for the changes that may come in the future? If not, it might be time to step back and take a look at all the options available. Seamedu’s various filmmaking courses in Bengaluru, Chandigarh and Pune are well known to have delivered on all these aspects starting with training in Final Cut Pro and leading up to constant guest lectures from the big names in the industry!

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