Understanding the World of Online Streaming Platforms & Web Series

With the proliferation of online streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, the way content is being consumed is witnessing a dramatic change. It is also opening up endless opportunities for filmmakers, writers, cinematographers, sound engineers, editors, music composers and other creative souls.

One of the latest episodes of a series called ‘Black Mirror’ on Netflix actually gave the viewer a real time option of choosing the way the episode progresses. Can you imagine the way the boundaries are being pushed! The We have seen a tremendous shift in the way content is being viewed today, especially in the urban population. With phrases like ‘Netflix & Chill’ becoming popular euphemisms, one can guess how this new medium has become an indivisible part in our daily lives.

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There are multiple online streaming channels that we see today like Netflix, Amazon, Hotstar, SonyLIV, Zee5, Alt Balaji, etc., and all of them provide a vast selection of content. There are a few obvious reasons why this streaming platform has taken so well amongst the urban populace. These reasons can be coined as the 5 Cs. Read on to find out what these are.

5 Reasons Why Online Streaming Platforms Work So Well

1. Convenience

You can watch shows at whichever time that is convenient for you. You can watch them in the comfort of your living room or even bedroom while eating and drinking whatever you want. You can binge watch shows, movies, documentaries, etc. totally based on your convenience. Within a few clicks, you get access to content of your choice.

2. Cost

Internet connectivity in today’s times is no longer a luxury but a necessity. We all have a broadband connection at home which most of the times offer us unlimited data with good net speed. Online streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon, etc. are relatively much cheaper than what one has to pay for DTH services. With internet packages anyway being paid for, a basic investment on simple devices like the firestick and a small annual amount, you get access to content all over the world. Because of this, we can see many families opting out of the DTH services and completely shift/switch to online platforms.

3. Commercials

The most boring part of television was undoubtedly, as everyone would agree, the mind-numbing advertisements. Online streaming platforms give us relief of skipping ads that don’t interest us and only watch those which we do find relevant. Typically, in a show which lasts for an hour on television, almost 20 minutes are dedicated to the advertisements. We can actually save this time while viewing material online.

4. Choice/Selectivity

Perhaps one of the most valued advantage of online streaming is being able to choose what you want to see. If you’re in the mood for a chick flick, an action movie or a documentary, online portals has it all! These portals give you tremendous choice across genres and you literally can watch ANYTHING you want. It can be a classic retro film, one of the latest films, a series that you love, anything. This is the main selling point of this medium. Viewers like to feel empowered with the option of choosing and these portals do exactly that.

5. Original Content

New age content makers are now getting a tremendous platform to showcase their talent. This platform being open to all with little to no restrictions on content, content makers who were always bound by such limitations are feeling fully liberated to truly express what they want to.

The greatest benefit that this medium offers is that there is no concept of censorship on the content which is how it ideally should be anyway. With proper guidelines and age restrictions, online streaming platforms have created content which push the envelope in all genres.

A series like ‘Sacred Games’ which became so popular would never have seen the light of the day if it was not for Netflix. Even the fields like writing, directing, etc. are all changing to adapt to the medium. We see crisper writing, smart storytelling, surreal cinematography, eerie and haunting music and many more such audio-visual devices that have made today’s content far more evolved and gripping. We are now used to faster paced stories. We have gotten into a habit of binge-watching shows. All these are cultural changes that have come into the fore with the advent of new media and content makers of today have to update themselves to fit into the newer scheme of things.

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Written by: Aashay Gatade

Last updated: 12-03-2024

Aashay Gatade is a film editor with over 10 years of professional experience. He has worked on feature films, short films, web series, TVCs etc. These include commercial success as well as critical acclaim. Also he has been teaching film making for more than 3 years.

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