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All of a sudden, the world has come to a standstill. The COVID-19 pandemic has given us all an opportunity to not only survive on the bare necessities of life but also introspect. As the entire planet goes into self-isolation and practices social distancing, staying connected and uniting on a personal as well as professional level is of paramount importance. Doing so will not only make getting through this tough phase easier, but also help us learn and grow together.

The world of Media & Entertainment (M&E), just like any other industry, is going through a phase where the production of projects has come to a jolting halt. However, it is one of the very few domains that continues to remain unaffected by crises like these. New technology and digital media are major facilitators in this respect since they enable a majority of media businesses to carry on their operations to a certain extent.

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In this unprecedented scenario, Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism is doing an innovative exercise to keep its students as well as aspirants engaged.

The institution has gone a step ahead and transformed it’s learning approach by taking all academic classes online for its current students and helping them prepare for their examinations. This has been done to keep students involved and focused on their M&E careers with zero barriers.

Rated as one of India’s top colleges for media education, Seamedu has been ensuring that its students continue to learn and explore the industry’s diverse sub-sectors and also complete their courses through a series of online activities. One such ongoing activity is the institute’s webinars that it conducts via online video communication platforms. While seminars and webinars have always been an integral part of Seamedu’s way of training delivery, the big difference here is that the ones being conducted during the lockdown are open for all media and entertainment enthusiasts!

Know more about the webinars through Seamedu’s Instagram and Facebook handles. You can also explore the recordings of past webinars on our official YouTube channel.

Ever since the lockdown was announced, Seamedu has hosted a number of webinars that are informative and interesting in equal measure. Across departments, industry segments, and career streams, these webinars are helping media students and young aspirants to scale up in terms of knowledge, skill, and practical applications.

Here are a few examples of the highly successful webinars hosted by Seamedu so far:


The filmmaking faculty at Seamedu has been organizing webinars that focus on the various aspects of production and how you can enter the industry. From careers in filmmaking to character development, and from storyboarding to post-production, we are covering it all. Some of the few filmmaking webinars conducted in the past include:

  • Developing and Crafting Interesting Characters for Film

  • How to Execute an Idea and Convert it into a Story

  • Careers in Film Making: Q&A Session


Animation and VFX are flourishing sub-sectors in India that offer diverse career opportunities to those with creative and tech skills. We are bringing together some of the best minds in the industry to help aspirants and current students understand the scope, process, and execution of visual effects in films, series, and ads. Here’s the one that was loved by our young VFX and animation’s aspirants:

  • The Journey of VFX – FAN and RA.ONE

  • How to Make Your Career in VFX and Animation


One look at your Instagram feed will tell you that there are millions of amateur photographers who just need a little guidance and practice to hone their skills. At Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism, we turn passionate amateur photographers into proficient professionals with our photography courses.

Of the many webinars we have been conducting online, those that touch upon various aspects of photography are some of the most popular ones. From eCommerce photography to fashion photography, we are covering a broad spectrum of subjects through our webinars. Check out the ones held in the past:

  • Importance and Need of Post Processing of Images

  • Start Your Photography Career Today

  • E-commerce Photography


Experts from the journalism industry, together with Seamedu’s experienced faculty members, are delivering pearls of wisdom through our webinars. We have already covered aspects like careers in broadcast journalism, the current state of the industry, etc. with professionals like Dipannita Das and Sagar Gokhale taking charge of these webinars:

  • 24/7 Media and Challenges in Journalism

  • Changing Pattern of News Presentation and Anchoring

  • Journalism Fact-Checking Tools


Yes, you read it right! All you gamers and gaming enthusiasts who have always wanted to know what it is like to go behind the scenes and learn how a game is made from scratch – Seamedu is making it possible through its series of webinars. Enlightening and fascinating, these sessions are delivered by the IMBA dudes! Some of the most exciting ones conducted previously include:

  • How to Make a Career in the Game Industry

  • Creating a Game Universe


Apart from being unable to use professional recordings and mixing studios, there is no reason why sound and music production students can’t function like it is any other day (even during the lockdown). The faculty members at Seamedu are helping students and amateur sound engineers to understand the various career opportunities in the audio engineering field.

We are also enabling you to learn and apply practical concepts (using software, exploring vocal production techniques, etc.) with experts like Roger Walker, Mandar Patil and Hitansu Patnaik chipping in with their experience and knowledge. Take a look at our previously successful webinars:

  • Careers in Sound Engineering

  • How to Plan and Budget Your Studio

Such webinars have become an ongoing part of the way we deliver education, enable students to upgrade their skills and learn new concepts.

If you wish to explore the aforementioned webinars – Go check out our YouTube Channel!

Our faculty members and industry experts conduct these webinars to talk about new technology in this sector, explain processes and share interesting industry insights.

Isn’t it a great way to not only learn, but also stay connected with like-minded people? If you are interested in learning how things work in the M&E industry or wish to explore potential careers in this domain, join us online! We invite all media enthusiasts and aspirants to be a part of our insightful webinars.

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Written by: Dr. Mohmad Altaf Tali

Last updated: 15-03-2024

Dr. Mohmad Altaf Tali possesses a distinguished Ph.D., reflecting more than twelve years of exceptional academic prowess and an extra two years of practical industrial involvement. His doctorate in management underscores his expertise in the domains of Media and Entertainment, Marketing, and various other disciplines.

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