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July 31, 2015
August 12, 2015’s : Andrew Kramer


Andrew Kramer is a VFX Artist and is the guy behind which has over a 150 tutorials! In a recent keynote speech, he lists a couple of interesting points for being a good Visual Designer… Watch the video here. Here’s my interpretation of the same.

First, he talks about Time Management and that if you find a way to somehow reduce the time that you waste, you will manage to get a lot more work done. In terms of VFX, tend not to get too much into playing Games. Try and get rid of as many distractions as possible and focus on the task at hand. An important point he mentions is…. Procrastiante. Everyone as a human does procrastiante.. So instead of doing nothing.. Just start the project… Start laying it out planning it out in your head. It will help you better.

The second thing he mentions is Learning with Limits. Learn to use what you have learnt, creatively. If you happen to make mistakes its okay as long as you learn from it. Another thing you need to know, which is a priority for Designers is Problem Solving. It is very important and you have to know how to solve problems.

A clip from the same keynote.

A snap from the same keynote.

It is also important to set goals. Not jus short term goals but also long term ones. It will help you focus better and also keeps you organised. A good way to go about business would be to have your vision in mind and planning it well. That way when you get to the software you just have to manipulate the tools to match your vision.

We live in a rather big world full of people. The question that arises is.. How to stand out in so many people? Cause you have to get noticed don’t you.. For your work. To stand out, you need to be bold and take a couple of risks. Try something innovative and unexpected. Just try and find a unique way to get your idea out there.

Obviously after having a long hard day at work you’re going to be drained and exausted. All the motivation is burned away. So how do you get it back? Find motivation in different places. Don’t keep doing the same old things.

After you’ve stood out and made it to the top…. How does one make sure he stays there? It’s not exactly rocket science. You have to keep evolving and changing and learning newer skills and find ways to make yourself different from most people. It helps to be more of a ‘Jack-of-all-traits’. Expand your skillset. Think outside the box.

The point he decides to bring the keynote to a conclusion is a rather important one. Sometimes, you need to take a break. Unplug and take a hike or something. But don’t get too lazy at it and you’re good.

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