The avenues for qualified sound engineers are wide-ranging and full of rewarding opportunities. Today, talented sound engineers are in high demand at live concerts, radio stations and sound recording studios. The increase in the production of feature films, web series, documentaries, commercials, short films and independent music also means that there are diverse opportunities in the industry.

If you have an ear for music and a penchant for audio, our three-year sound engineering degree program is tailor made for you. Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism is one of the leading sound engineering colleges in Chandigarh. The institute’s full-fledged degree in audio engineering is replete with practical assignments, theoretical training, live projects and workshops.

Offered at our Chandigarh campus, the sound engineering course is conducted by experienced faculty members and industry experts. The curriculum has been designed to help aspiring sound engineers understand the subtle nuances of recording, capturing, producing, mixing, editing, processing, mastering and delivering any kind of sound.

Check out the equipment and software you will use and learn during the course below.

  • 3 Years
  • 12th / High School / Equivalent
Awards (On Completion)
  • Bachelor of Science in Sound Engineering degree from Rayat Bahra University, Chandigarh.
  • Apple certification for Logic Pro X
  • Avid Certifications for Pro Tools 100 level
  • A Qualification Pack (QP) certificate from MESC (Media & Entertainment Skills Council)

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  • FAQs
  • Project Oriented Course
  • International certifications included in the curriculum
  • AVID, Apple and Ableton certified trainers across all campuses
  • In-depth understanding of the Physics of Sound, Recording Studio Operations, Film Sound, Surround Sound Mixing, Live Sound, Music Prodcution
  • Access to our professional Music Production Lab to work on any number of personal projects
  • Students get to work in our 7.1 recording and mixing studios for college assignments and personal projects
  • Workshops conducted by industry professionals almost every weekend
  • Events like Music Production Week and Sound Conclave, industry visits, internal competition etc. to help students learn over and above their curriculum
  • Internship and placement support
  • Individual practical assignments to test the knowledge of students and also help them build confidence in their skills
Semester 1
  • Introduction to Media Industry (Theory)
  • Media Technology – I (Theory & Practical)
  • Media Aesthetics (Theory & Practical)
  • Physics & Electronics (Theory)
  • Audio Equipment (Theory)
  • Professional Communication - I (Theory)

Semester 2
  • Pre-Production Techniques (Theory & Practical)
  • Media & Psychology (Theory & Practical)
  • Media Technology II (Theory + Practical)
  • Digital Audio Technologies (Theory & Practical)
  • Digital Audio Workstation – I [ProTools 100 Level] (Theory & Practical)
  • Professional Communication - II (Theory)
  • Minor Project

Semester 3
  • Media Management
  • Advertising (Theory)
  • Music Recording & Mixing Techniques (Practical)*
  • Electronic Music Production (Theory + Practical)
  • Digital Audio Workstation – II [Ableton Live] (Practical)*
  • Environmental Studies (Theory)
  • Minor Project

Semester 4
  • Career Development
  • Progression Intro
  • Digital Audio Workstation – III [Logic Pro X] (Practical)* OR Digital Audio Workstation – IV [Nuendo] (Practical)*
  • Acoustics & Studio Construction (Theory)
  • Game Audio (Practical)*
  • Human Values and Professional Ethics (Theory)
  • Minor Project

Semester 5
  • Film Sound and On Location Recording (Theory + Practical)
  • Sound Design (Practical)*
  • Live Sound (Practical)*
  • Surround Sound Mixing Technologies & Music Mastering (Practical)*
  • Summer Internship Project (In-Company Work, Report & Presentations)*
  • Open Elective

Semester 6
  • Film Sound Project (Practical)*
  • Studio Construction Project (Practical)*
  • Game Sound Project (Practical)*
  • Music Production Project (Practical)*
  • Dean, HOD & Guide's Exit Interview
  • Pro Tools
  • Logic Pro X
  • Ableton Live
  • Nuendo
  • FMOD
  • Waves plugins
  • Studio
  • Avid S3 + Dock
  • Avid HD IO’s
  • Focusrite Microphone Pre amps
  • JBL 7.1 Monitors
  • Dynaaudio 2.1 Monitors
  • High end Microphones for Recording
  • Outboard Gears
  • 49 keys MIDI keyboard with each workstation
  • Steinberg UR22 Interface with each workstation
  • Sound Recordist
  • Music Arranger
  • Sound Designer
  • Sound Engineer
  • Live Sound Engineer
  • Mixing Engineer
  • Game Sound Engineer
  • Location Recordist
  • Assistant Engineer
  • Multimedia Developer
What is sound engineering?
Sound engineering involves the technical and creative processes of recording music and sound. Sound engineers do this by mixing and manipulating the electronic effects of sound and reproducing it. The music or sound is captured with the help of microphones, recorders or recording software and then edited and mixed as required. Sound engineers have immense scope in fields like film and television, radio, music studios, concert venues, computer games and theatres.
Can I apply for this course after class 10th?
No. The eligibility criterion for this course is the successful completion of class 12th/high school/equivalent.
Do I need a science/musical background to do this course?
No, you do not need a science background to do this course. Apart from completing your class 12th, you also need to have an avid interest in music (and sound, in general). Our course is designed to train music engineers and producers of different genres. We do not teach music and hence it does not matter what musical background you have.
What is the strength of a batch?
The number of students in each batch depends on the course, the city and the number of enrolments we are accepting for that year according to the availability of our studio facilities and faculty recommendations.
What degrees/certification do you offer for your sound engineering courses?
We offer both degree and diploma courses. Ideally, if a student is in 12th or has completed 12th, he/she can apply for the degree course. If the student is in his/her final year of graduation or is a graduate, the Diploma course is the way to go. We also offer a Certificate Program in Live Soundwhich is a three week programme for people who are specifically interested in Live Sound.

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Students Successfully Placed At



Nikhil Wasnik

Nikhil Wasnik

After Studios
I'm thankful for the help provided by Seamedu for my placement at one of the finest post production studios in Mumbai After Studios. I'm satisfied with the efforts that were taken. It was a great experience studying at Seamedu, with the help of well-equipped Labs & experienced faculties, I happen to learn a lot during my 3 years Degree course. Also, the exposure was immense
Purvi Deshmukh

Purvi Deshmukh

24 Media Fusion
There are many things I learned in the past 3 yrs. i.e. from basic to final product. Software that has been taught to me are Photoshop, After Effects, Maya, Premiere Pro & some other necessary software as well. We had every day lectures including events where we can show our work & also learnt many new things.
Vedant Sharma

Vedant Sharma

Reliance Games
If you are looking to fill yourselves with knowledge and learning about Game Design, Seamedu is the correct place. I am extremely thankful to the placement team, for giving me an opportunity to showcase my talent at Reliance Games as a Game Designer.
Saptirishi Mukherjee

Saptirishi Mukherjee

The New Indian Express
The school’s frequent study tours to discover the nuances of landscape, wildlife and field photography was one of the main reasons why I chose Seamedu. This actually gave me an advantage to understand what should be focused upon & also how much discipline matters, which helped me in getting through such renowned company for job.
Abhishek Joshi

Abhishek Joshi

Pratibimb Photography
Seamedu has given me a lot of exposure in this field during my education. Also, thanks to the teachers who have made themselves available especially during my time of distress.We have been given various assignment & had participated in lot of outdoor activities, it helped me in learning new concepts and hone my skills as well.
Kaustubh Vetal

Kaustubh Vetal

Ray Scope
I find it very unique the way faculties at Seamedu teaches and assignments are given. Approach is very simple and curriculum is very well defined.We also got opportunity to collaborate with students of other stream, providing us more in depth understanding of what goes behind the scenes while creating a song, feature for news or while clicking a photograph.
Pooja Dubey

Pooja Dubey

Select Media
I joined Seamedu as I wanted to be a part of the entertainment industry, but wasn’t aware how this decision of mine will shape up. Thanks to our faculty members they made this decision of mine successful. After getting this job opportunity, I am sure it will help me in reaching new avenues in the industry.

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