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3 months


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This Game development Unity course is designed to help students with the necessary skills to become proficient game developers using the Unity Engine.

  • Develop highly transferable coding problem solving skills
  • Build a solid foundation for unity game development that will help you build your own games.
  • Learn how object oriented programming works in practice for unity game development.
  • Create playable game projects with unity game engine course - good for your portfolio, or just for your own sense of achievement
  • Learn Game Development with Unity to earn recognized credentials to showcase your skills and knowledge to potential employers.

Module 1

An introduction to Unity  Game Engine  and other  Game Development IDE's

Module 2

Creating your own World in Unity 3D

Introduction to Game scripting using C#

Game physics and interaction with Game Objects

Designing the User interface for Game 

Module 3

FPS Concepts

Building NPC using AI in Unity

Multiplayer Concepts

Module 4


2D/3D Game Developer

Gameplay Programmer

AI Programmer

Level Designer

Game Tester

Yes, you can work while being enrolled in the unity game engine course.  The courses are designed in a way to accommodate flexibility and self-paced learning for working professionals who are interested to explore the creative media field.

Anyone eager to upskill can join the unity game engine course or unity game development course with  Basic understanding of Coding or programming languages.

End of the unity game development course the students will be able to create a 2D games in unity

The total fee is ₹30,000/- the breakdown is as below:

The registration fee for this program is ₹10,000/-, and the remaining ₹ 20,000/- needs to be paid before the commencement of the program.

Anyone with interest in game development can apply for the program.

The skills required for Unity game development certification courses include a basic understanding of game development principles, an ability to learn and work with industry-standard software tools, and creativity to design and develop innovative games.

After getting a certificate in Unity game engine course, students can pursue various job profiles such as Game Developer, Game Designer, 3D Artist, Game Tester, and Game Programmer, among others.

The duration of the certificate in Unity courses can vary depending on the program and the institution offering it. At Seamedu, the certificate program in Game Development Unity is three months.

Yes, degree courses in Unity are available at various institutions. Seamedu also offers a B.Sc. in Game Design and Development program covering Unity courses.

After getting certification in Unity courses, the top recruiting areas include gaming studios, software development companies, animation studios, and media and entertainment companies.

The learner must devote around 4-6 hours per day to the certificate program to keep up with the curriculum and complete assignments on time.

The unity game development program makes you industry-ready by providing hands-on training in industry-standard software tools, real-world projects, personalized guidance from experienced instructors, and access to cutting-edge hardware and software.

Students can pursue the in-person training course at Seamedu’s campuses in Pune and Bengaluru.

Yes, Unity developers are highly coveted in India, with the growing gaming industry and the increasing demand for mobile and PC games.

To become a Unity game developer, you must learn Unity courses, acquire the necessary skills, build a strong portfolio, and apply for job opportunities in the gaming industry.

The salary of a Unity game developer can vary depending on the job profile, experience, and location. According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a Unity game developer in India is around INR 5,00,000 per annum.

Unity Developer is a good career option, with the growing demand for mobile and PC games and the increasing adoption of VR and AR technologies in various industries.

The time required to learn Unity can vary depending on the individual’s learning pace and the level of expertise they wish to achieve. Becoming proficient in Unity courses can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

The fees for pursuing a certificate in unity game engine course can vary depending on the program and the institution. At Seamedu, the Certificate Program in Game Development Unity fee is INR 30,000.





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My experience at Seamedu has been very wonderful till now. It has been 3 years since I have joined the college and I have learnt a lot, not just academically but in all other aspects of career development. Most importantly the placement of Seamedu college is very good. I received the opportunity to get selected in one of the leading companies . Faculty members have been supportive throughout. The all-time support and motivation of the faculty members has enlightened me throughout this wonderful journey.

I am extremely grateful and honoured to have been a part of SEAM. They have consistently provided me with a plethora of opportunities that not only enhanced my skills but also enriched my core knowledge. The co-curricular activities which were actively held in SEAM created a vibrant environment that were fun, intuitive and engaging. I am grateful for the placement team in SEAM for their relentless support and encouragement which empowered us to push our boundaries and helped me to utilise my skills in the future at such a reputed organisation.

The best thing about seamedu apart from its industry standard equipment and studio is that they focus more on interactive and practical learning. Their curriculum is so well designed that it gives us a variety of career options to choose from. The institute has an amazing and highly qualified faculty, their experiences in the industry helps the students gain a lot of real world knowledge.

I am pursuing a Vfx and Animation degree here in Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism and I am very glad that I did. All the staff members and faculty members have been so helpful throughout my journey and provided with all the help and support I can get and it goes far to say that I learned so many new things from the teachers. The placement department has been really supportive and helpful through which I was able to land an internship cum job opportunity. Overall it has been a really great journey here in Seamedu.

I studied BCA Game development here. There are experienced faculties to teach the game programming and design with a great placement support team, and companies do come for placements, like really nice companies. I really recommend this institute to pursue game development as a career.

I am pursuing BSc Sound Engineering in Seamedu & I must say that this is one of the best institution for media and entertainment industry like photography, cinematography, sound engineering, video game, development, etc. The faculties are well qualified, highly skilled and very much supportive to build a career. The Institute has industry standards equipments, laboratories, studios. The placement department of the Institute is also well supportive as they guide each and every student to pursue their passion and they provide internships to every student and placements to most of the students.

Hi I am Sarwaswa and I am pursuing my BA in Animation and VfX in Seamedu college in Pune. I am happy to say that this is one the best Institution for Animation and VfX. It was a wonderful experience with the faculties of the college. They also have a separate placement faculty for the final year Student. I would recommend those who are interested in chasing their dreams should choose Seamedu.

The teachers here are experienced and will guide you in every way possible. There are many workshops and activities that take place which are both fun and productive. The placement Team is one of the most supportive and engaging parts of the institution. They help every student in any shape or form to secure good jobs and packages.

With a reasonable fee structure, Seamedu is one of the best institutions for media and entertainment industries such as photography, cinematography, sound engineering, video game creation, journalism, and so on. The professors are highly talented, well-qualified, and supportive of professional development. The Institute features laboratories, studios, dedicated classrooms, and technology that is up to industry standards. They also connect students with industry experts through a variety of programmes where they may discuss real-world business scenarios. The institute's placement section is also incredibly helpful, encouraging every student to follow their passion and offering internships and positions to everyone who applies because seamedu has so many partners for placement.

Seamedu is one of the best institutions for the media and entertainment industry like photography, cinematography,sound engineering,video game development, journalism, etc with a decent fee structure. The faculties are well qualified, highly skilled and very much supportive to build a career. The Institute has industry standards equipments, laboratories, studios, dedicated classrooms and they also connect industry experts with students through various workshops discussing about actual parameters of industry situations. The placement department of the Institute is also well supportive as they guide each and every student to pursue their passion and they provide internships to every student and placements to most of the students as seamedu has so many placement partners.

I would recommend this college to people who are pursuing film making since they give you in depth knowledge about film making, and make you learn a lot of things and insights!

I'm a graduate of Seamedu Pune 2020 batch. I must say this college has been an integral part of my audio engineering career! This institution has industry standard infrastructure, facilities and faculties. One can expect to learn and enhance skills in any specific stream in the media and entertainment industry, be it film making, audio technology and music, photography or game development. Another plus is a great network of professionals.

Seamedu - School of Pro-Expressionism is a leading media school offering diploma & degree courses on various streams in Pune including film making, photography, visual effects, animation, game art, game design & development. I've had good experiences and learning in college.


We, at Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism believe that regular interactions with eminent Industry professionals and Corporate leaders from Media and Entertainment Industry, can contribute to the all-round development of the students. The placement department conducts regular guest lectures, seminars and workshops, by inviting the experience Industry professionals to share their experiences with our students.Training & Placement activities relevance to Soft skills learning sessions are conducted regularly so as to enhance their overall development for personal & professional grooming.

seamedu seamedu


Faculty member providing guidance to students.

Abid Shaikh

HOA - Game Development

Abid Shaikh

HOA - Game Development

Abid Shaikh is a stalwart in the animation industry with a career spanning over 12 years. During this time, he has donned many caps, including that of an animation artist, rigging artist, and even a role where he helped educate production staff. Abid’s work capabilities include Maya, Motion Builder, Vicon, and Production Manager. Abid has two 3D movies (Chandarani …A Dream to Reality and Sonam …Aur Saath Ajube) under his belt as a technical lead and project manager. Over time, he also amassed a prowess for game programming and development and applied his history with 3D in these facets of video game creation. His diversity and longevity in the industry make him the perfect man to assume the mantle of the Game Art, Design, and Development department.

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Monohar Karmakar

Senior Faculty - Game Development

Monohar Karmakar

Senior Faculty - Game Development

Manohar Karmakar started his career as a faculty in computer science, teaching at various reputed IT training organizations such as Webel Informatics Ltd, Brainware Pvt Ltd, and NIIT Ltd. He later transitioned to working in private engineering colleges, joining Usha Martin Education & Solution Ltd as a lecturer in the department of computer science in 2014. After two years of service at Usha Martin Ltd, he joined ICAT college (under Image Infotainment Ltd) in Chennai as a lecturer in the department of game programming in 2016.

Faculty member conducting a lecture.

Prathviraj Acharya

Senior Faculty - Game Development

Prathviraj Acharya

Senior Faculty - Game Development

Programming and the sphere of education are two areas in which Prathviraj has more than 8 years' experience. He had previously been a software developer. later held positions as a lecturer and department head for the department of computer science. He has contributed to numerous software and video game projects. He has expertise in AI for games and Unity 3D. Among the many subjects he has taught include C, C++, Java, PHP, SQL, Unity 3D, and artificial intelligence for video games. He has a strong enthusiasm for both game development and teaching. He enjoys investigating cutting-edge technology and IOT. He enjoys travelling, taking in music, playing games, and watching games online.



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