May 2024 Highlights: Bridging Academics and Corporate Realities

Dive into our May 2024 highlights, featuring our summer internship program designed to bridge academics with corporate realities. Explore the invaluable real-world experiences offered to our second-year graduation students across esteemed organizations, fostering professional growth and preparing them for successful careers post-graduation.

As the month of May unfolded with university exams commencement, we were excited to kick off the summer internship program for our second-year graduation students. This initiative is designed to provide invaluable real-world experience during the two-month summer break of (June & July), offering a crucial bridge between academic learning and corporate life.

During this period, we provided our students with numerous internship offers from several companies. To name a few firm these opportunities spanned various fields and included esteemed organizations such as Grise Agency (an international Berlin firm),, Soundtrack Café, Ultra Media, Qodequay Technologies, Osumare Marketing Solutions, Prachayam Studios, and Openslate VFX, Four Nine Cloud Solutions, Global Info Cloud, Dhwani The Jam Studio, etc.

We ensured that all our degree students received summer internship opportunities relevant to their specializations, fostering practical experience and professional growth in their respective fields. This summer internship program is structured to provide mentorship, regular feedback, and the chance for students to work on impactful projects

Looking Ahead

As we progress through May and into the summer, we are confident that our students will make the most of this opportunity. The skills and experiences gained during these internships will not only enhance their resumes but also prepare them for successful careers post-graduation.

We wish all our students the best of luck in their internships and look forward to hearing more about their journeys and achievements in the corporate world.

Stay tuned for more updates and success stories from our summer internship program!