A Promising Start to 2024: Highlights from January's Placement Update

As we entered the new year, January kicked off our placement season with enthusiasm, connecting our talented students to promising prospects. We are delighted to announce the commencement of the internship placement process, which has yielded outstanding results!

For those pursuing an MBA in Media & Entertainment, we focused on fostering future leaders by conducting a comprehensive mock interview drive. Recognizing the significance of honing interview skills and instilling confidence in our ambitious postgraduate students, we organized a successful mock interview drive to prepare them for the dynamic professional landscape.

The drive provided our MBA students with a simulated yet authentic interview experience, allowing them to refine communication skills, articulate thoughts with precision, and navigate industry-specific interview intricacies. This initiative aimed not only to prepare them for future opportunities but also to mold them into future leaders in media and entertainment.

As we look back on the achievements of January, we eagerly look forward to the myriad of opportunities and milestones that the remainder of the year holds for our students.