April Placement Updates: Navigating Career Pathways with Seamedu

In the  month of April, placement team organized a series of impactful classes

In the  month of April, placement team organized a series of impactful classes for 4th Semester sound students aimed at enhancing their personalities, improving body language, and strengthening communication skills. Team delved into the details of these transformative sessions and witness the positive impact the sessions  had on our students.

Also in the month of April placement team did organize site visit together for first & second year students of  BCA, Game Art & Vfx Students from both Pune and Bangalore campuses to explore offices of light & wonder, a leading casino model gaming company.

The site visit commenced with an insightful presentation about Light & Wonder's mission, values, and its notable contributions to the field of BCA, Game Art & VFX. Students were introduced to the company's rich history, innovative projects, and its commitment to pushing creative boundaries. Students explored various departments, witnessed the collaborative workspaces, cutting-edge technology, and the vibrant atmosphere that fostered creativity within the company. Students had the opportunity to interact with professionals, who shared their experiences, industry insights, and provided guidance on career paths in BCA, Game Art & VFX.

As part of the visit, students participated in engaging workshops and demonstrations conducted by experts from Light & Wonder. These sessions provided insights into the latest technologies, software tools, and industry trends

We extend our gratitude to Light & Wonder for opening their doors to our students and providing them with this invaluable opportunity.