February Placement Updates: Seamedu's Success Stories Unveiled

In the month of February, our college witnessed a remarkable surge in placements across various disciplines. 

The unwavering dedication of our students, coupled with the comprehensive support provided by placement team has resulted in a substantial number of successful Internship cum placement offers . Most students began their final internships with companies like Pocket FM, Tycho Gaming, Subculture Studios, Ultra Cine etc. to name a few.

In addition to the outstanding internships & placements, we are delighted to share that our college has forged significant partnerships with prominent movie production houses to name a few like Rajshri Productions & Shanti Films Productions, Zeest Media & Entertainment Pvt Ltd. These collaborations open up incredible opportunities for our students to gain practical experience and exposure in the world of cinema. We firmly believe that such tie-ups enhance the overall learning experience and provide a valuable platform for aspiring filmmakers and artists.