Placement Updates for the month of January 2023

In the month of January, one of our Pune BCA Game Development students bagged an internship cum PPO offer at Juego Studio Bangalore, while another BCA student bagged a Placement offer at Jash Entertainment –Ahmedabad. 

For Film Making students also we did organized interviews with many productions houses and studios like to name a few  Nachiket Khasnis Production house, IO Studio, SB Production House ,Ultra Cine, Hermon Production, Ecentric etc.While from other streams to specify  2 students from Sound engineering and 1 student from VFX & Animation all three together baggedoffer at Ultra Cineom. Ultra Cineom being a good production house , wherein theyproduce feature films, TV programs, content for IPTV, VOD, Internet, Mobile andmore, ULTRA is also one of the leading film acquisition and distribution companies in the Indian entertainment industry. Hence all this contributed to the January placement record and we had 5 students who got placed.