May Placement Updates: Seamedu Graduates Forge Ahead in Their Professions

Understanding the significance of soft skills in securing successful placements

Understanding the significance of soft skills in securing successful placements, the team organized comprehensive classes for our 6th-semester students on soft skills in the month of May . These sessions focused on enhancing overall personality development and equipping students with essential skills to confidently face interviews.

Communication Skills: Key to Effective Expression  -- Under this topic Students were equipped with techniques to enhance clarity, articulation, and the ability to convey their thoughts effectively.

Professional Writing: Crafting Effective Correspondence  --To excel in written communication, the students were guided through various aspects of professional writing. Topics such as letter writing (including circulars, memos, notices, and business letters), report writing, and email etiquette were covered in this session

Body Language: Conveying Confidence and Presence Understanding the significance of non-verbal communication, students were introduced to the intricacies of body language. The sessions focused on maintaining proper posture, making eye contact, using appropriate gestures, and utilizing facial expressions effectively. By developing an understanding of body language, students learned to convey confidence, credibility, and professionalism in their interactions

Interview Techniques: Mastering the Art of Impression --The classes also delved into preparing students for the challenging task of facing job interviews, enabling students to practice their responses, showcase their skills, and receive constructive feedback. Additionally, students learned the art of presenting themselves, highlighting their strengths, and addressing potential weaknesses with confidence.


The success of the soft skills classes further reinforced our commitment to preparing students for the professional world. With these newfound abilities, we are confident that our students will excel in their future endeavours and make a positive impact in their chosen careers.