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23 weeks


28th January 2022



(Introductory Pricing)


Starting at ₹15,500

Applications are open now

Disclaimer: By pressing “Enroll Now”, you consent to your name and email address to being added to the third-party system, we will use for your application.

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Presenting a project oriented program that can help you produce music, but at your own pace. We call it Personalised Virtual Learning. Personalised because even though this program is virtual you are not left all alone. Our teachers and mentors will meet you every week, talk about the challenges you're facing and also help you build a professional portfolio at the end of the programs.

After completing this program you will be able to

  • Produce your music from scratch that matches the industry standards.
  • Present a portfolio which comprises 3 tracks created for various applications.
  • Understand the steps in the process of music production.
  • Use industry standard softwares like Pro Tools, Ableton Live and Harrison Mixbus.

Program Timeline

Program Timeline
Program Timeline
Program Timeline
Program Timeline

Program Content

  • Physics
  • Decibels and Audio Metering
  • Microphones
  • Monitors and Studio monitoring
  • Analog and Digital Consoles
  • Introduction to Digital techology
  • Introduction to Interfaces
  • MIDI
  • DAW training for Harrison Mixbus
  • Mixing a track in Mixbus 32
  • Soldering and Cable Management
  • Microphone Techniques
  • DAW Training for Pro Tools First
  • Ear Training
  • Session Management
  • Basics of Mixing
  • Introduction to Music Theory
  • Music Production tricks
  • Theory and Evaluation
  • Daisy Chaining
  • Theory and evaluation of Sampling and Synthesis
  • DAW Training for Ablleton Live
  • Ableton Live Push 2 and Max for Live
  • Music Production Techniques for A/V jingles
  • Producing and Mixing a track in Ableton Live
  • Producing and mixing a Jingle for A/V
  • Ear Training
  • Music Mixing Technology
  • Advance Mixing Techniques
  • Portfolio
  • Building Your Own Website
  • Building Your Social Media Presence
  • Creating Your Resume
  • Creating Visual Content for Your Portfolio
  • Music distribution, Royalties and Monetisation


  • Personalized Virtual Learning
  • 10 hours of learning every week
  • A mix of Live + Pre Recorded sessions so you can take the course in your time
  • Recorded classes not more than 15 mins
  • Minimum 2 hours of live class every week
  • Peer to peer assignment reviews
  • Quiz after each Module completion
  • Final Project to be reviewed by Faculty One 2 One
  • Professional Portfolio on Completion
  • Live Workshops

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Highlights of SBL Pro

Personalized Virtual

10 hours of learning every week

Minimum of 2 hrs. of live class every week

Recorded classes not more than 15 mins

Peer to peer assignment


Professional Portfolio on

Quiz after each Module

Final Project to be reviewed by Faculty 1-1

Live & Pre-recorded

Career Opportunities

Electronic Music Producer
Mixing Engineer for Music


SBl Pro is a learning ecosystem where students get a well-balanced combination of virtual, live and mentored learning by academic and industry experts.
SBL Pro stands for Semless Blended Learning to become a Professional. This is a wholistic approach to online learning, where students can learn at their own pace at the same time have timely one on one interaction with the concerned faculty. They are mentored and nurtured by our excellent faculties and guided at every step personally.
Our objective is not to leave students alone in the virtual learning world

Unlike other EDTECH companies, Seamedu is a Media School with more tthan 12 years of training under graduate students accross fields like Game Design, Photography Sound Engineering, Film Making, VFX, etc. We have more than 75+ teachers avaialable to impart industry standard knowledge. OUr Alumni's are working in the core in Media industry. We have trainned more than 2000+ students across 12 years.

With Personalised Virtual Learning we ensure that the students are not left alone while taking the course. WIth the recorded sessions we provide live classes and one on one mentorig that will provide studnets with a holistic learning experience.

Aspiring composers, singers, musician, DJ, or music enthusiast who want to learn more about professional tools. If you are a working professional, student engaded in a different stream, homemaker or hobbyist then this course is ideal for you.
This course help you learn the process of Music Production, recording,editing, and mixing in order to execute industry standard projects and build themselves a professional portfolio in music production.

The unique thing about SBL Pro Music Production is that you will get mentorship from the faculty, one on one workshops by industry experts and complete guidance in building a strong portfolio to Jump start your career.

You will require a Laptop/Workstation, Audio Interface, MIDI Keyboard, Microphone (any) with an XLR cable, Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Pro Tools First or Ableton, Hard Drive Headphone with microphone Portable Recorder Any Laptop/ iMac/ MacBook (with Zoom Software Installed) Good Internet Connection. If you have any doubts on equipment purchaces you can consult our faculty during classes.

SBL Pro will give you the confidence start your career in Music Production. It will give you an opportunity to interact with industry professionals. You also will have a robust portfolio upon completion of assigned projects. Finally you will receive a certificate from Seamedu upon successfully completing the course.

Yes there are plenty job opportunities. Some of these include music production for Ad films, music production and editing for radio, back ground scoring for films etc.

We have you covered for with all the options, If you are time bound and cannot travel to our centers then SBL Pro is the perfect program. You can even do it along with your School/college/or while woring full time. IF you wish to do a full time program with a diploma or undergrad degree then we have those options avaialbe as well. Please reach out to our Student Sucess team member to get more info

Our faculty include experts from a number of fields in audio. Most of our faculty members have a minimum experience of 10 years in their respective fields.

This is a 23 week program

This is a part time course with informative videos you can watch at your own pace. There are also weekly online classes with our expert faculty. In these classes you can clear your doubts or even dig deeper into the topic.

Yes the course videos are always available through our Learning Management System. There will be 1-2 online live classes in the evening or weekends. Incase if you miss those as well, you can watch it later. Most importantly you will need to complete the assignments and projects

SBL Pro Music Production is a mix of pre recorded lectures, live classes on Zoom and interactive workshops. You will have to work on practical and research based projects and assignments at your own time. You will be requrired to invest 8-12 hours per week on your own to upskill yourself

Yes there will be many virtual activities such as webinar's, seminars and workshops where experts from the industry come share their knowledge of the media industry and the changes happening in it.