Sound Engineering Courses in Delhi


    Quick Look of Audio Engineering Courses in Delhi

      • Project oriented sound engineering Courses in Delhi.
      • Our sound engineering Courses in Delhi are NEP enabled.
      • Pro Tools Fundamentals 'PT101' & 'PT110' certifications included in Audio Engineering Courses in Delhi
      • Learn from Avid, Ableton, SMAART and Dante certified trainers
      • In-depth understanding of Fundamentals and Advanced sound engineering concepts
      • Hands-on training in Dolby ATMOS recording and mixing studios
      • Power of Post-production: Investigate the complex function of image and sound approaches in storytelling.
      • Audio Engineering colleges in Delhi well-equipped Media Production Lab
      • Events like Music Production Week & Sound Conclave are a part of this Audio Engineering Courses in Delhi
      • Immersion in practical industry training regularly to expand your practical knowledge and abilities.
      • Internship opportunities and placement support for students after the completion of our Audio Engineering courses in Delhi.

      Sound Engineering Curriculum - Sound Engineering Courses in Delhi

      Dive into sound engineering with Seamedu, a leading provider of audio engineering Courses in Delhi. Investigate the complexities of our sound engineering programme, designed over six semesters.

      Semester 1

      In Semester 1, the coursework at Seamedu covers fundamentals. Investigate media communication and concepts to build the basis for efficient communication. Dive into physics and electronics to improve your grasp of technical concepts. Engage with live and studio equipment to build practical skills, bridging theory and hands-on experience.

      Semester 2

      In semester 2, you will immerse yourself in media technology, digital audio & networking technology, and digital audio workstation. You will also learn music recording and mixing techniques. You can choose Logic Pro or essential music performance as an elective to improve your audio production abilities and comprehension.

      Semester 3

      Learn about media laws and ethics, electronic music production, and an elective. Expand your Music Production and Advanced Music Performance knowledge while honing your creative and technical ability.

      Semester 4

      In semester 4, you will explore research techniques, acoustics & studio construction, and film & game sound design. You will also thoroughly dive into production audio mixing to grasp audio production in various scenarios.

      Semester 5

      Investigate surround sound, ATMOS technology, a game audio research project, and the music business. Advanced mixing & mastering and live sound are elective courses that provide specialized expertise for various job possibilities.

      Semester 6

      Begin the graduation project and internship using acquired skills. To personalize the learning experience to one's individual interests and professional aspirations, choose between sound design for a game or live stereo recording.

      Career Opportunities for Audio Engineering

      Seamedu, one of the finest audio engineering colleges in Delhi, provides students with transferable abilities that will allow them to pursue various careers in business. Explore various exciting opportunities and chart your course in the dynamic world of sound engineering.

      Aspiring individuals can explore roles such as: 
      • Sound Recordist
      • Music Arranger
      • Sound Editor/Designer
      • Live Sound Engineer
      • Surround Mixing Engineer
      • Game Sound Engineer
      • Production Audio Mixer
      • Assistant Engineer
      • Multimedia Developer
      • Studio Managers
      • Restoration Engineer
      • Mastering Engineer
      • Studio Designing and Installation
      • Stage Manager
      • Broadcast Engineer
      • Content Creator

      Sound Engineering is a mix of creative and technical processes. The creative process lies in capturing sound either in the studio or on location. The technical process involves mixing the sound either in a stereo mix or a surround sound mix for the theater audience.

      To start a sound engineering career, you need to:
      • 1. Research the sound engineering specializations of interest
      • 2. Take relevant courses and complete an undergraduate Sound engineering course in Delhi
      • 3. Complete a music production internship under guidance from a professional sound engineer
      • 4. Earn international certifications to highlight your expertise
      • 5. Put your skills to work with personal and professional projects
      • 6. Stay on top of evolving sound technology, and keep improving your skills.

      The most common roles and titles for a sound engineer include:
      • 1.Studio sound engineer
      • 2.Live sound engineer
      • 3.Monitor sound engineer
      • 4.Systems engineer
      • 5.Research and development sound engineer
      • 6.Wireless microphone engineer
      • 7.Game audio designer engineer

      For an undergraduate degree in sound engineering, you need to complete 10+2.

      The short answer is yes. Sound engineering will be a promising career if you are tech-savvy, creative, and love tinkering with sounds. Although it may be challenging to land your first sound engineering job, once you find your niche in film or music, recording, editing, or mixing, you will have a satisfying and rewarding career.







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      My experience at Seamedu has been very wonderful till now. It has been 3 years since I have joined the college and I have learnt a lot, not just academically but in all other aspects of career development. Most importantly the placement of Seamedu college is very good. I received the opportunity to get selected in one of the leading companies . Faculty members have been supportive throughout. The all-time support and motivation of the faculty members has enlightened me throughout this wonderful journey.

      I am extremely grateful and honoured to have been a part of SEAM. They have consistently provided me with a plethora of opportunities that not only enhanced my skills but also enriched my core knowledge. The co-curricular activities which were actively held in SEAM created a vibrant environment that were fun, intuitive and engaging. I am grateful for the placement team in SEAM for their relentless support and encouragement which empowered us to push our boundaries and helped me to utilise my skills in the future at such a reputed organisation.

      The best thing about seamedu apart from its industry standard equipment and studio is that they focus more on interactive and practical learning. Their curriculum is so well designed that it gives us a variety of career options to choose from. The institute has an amazing and highly qualified faculty, their experiences in the industry helps the students gain a lot of real world knowledge.

      I am pursuing a Vfx and Animation degree here in Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism and I am very glad that I did. All the staff members and faculty members have been so helpful throughout my journey and provided with all the help and support I can get and it goes far to say that I learned so many new things from the teachers. The placement department has been really supportive and helpful through which I was able to land an internship cum job opportunity. Overall it has been a really great journey here in Seamedu.

      I studied BCA Game development here. There are experienced faculties to teach the game programming and design with a great placement support team, and companies do come for placements, like really nice companies. I really recommend this institute to pursue game development as a career.

      I am pursuing BSc Sound Engineering in Seamedu & I must say that this is one of the best institution for media and entertainment industry like photography, cinematography, sound engineering, video game, development, etc. The faculties are well qualified, highly skilled and very much supportive to build a career. The Institute has industry standards equipments, laboratories, studios. The placement department of the Institute is also well supportive as they guide each and every student to pursue their passion and they provide internships to every student and placements to most of the students.

      Hi I am Sarwaswa and I am pursuing my BA in Animation and VfX in Seamedu college in Pune. I am happy to say that this is one the best Institution for Animation and VfX. It was a wonderful experience with the faculties of the college. They also have a separate placement faculty for the final year Student. I would recommend those who are interested in chasing their dreams should choose Seamedu.

      The teachers here are experienced and will guide you in every way possible. There are many workshops and activities that take place which are both fun and productive. The placement Team is one of the most supportive and engaging parts of the institution. They help every student in any shape or form to secure good jobs and packages.

      With a reasonable fee structure, Seamedu is one of the best institutions for media and entertainment industries such as photography, cinematography, sound engineering, video game creation, journalism, and so on. The professors are highly talented, well-qualified, and supportive of professional development. The Institute features laboratories, studios, dedicated classrooms, and technology that is up to industry standards. They also connect students with industry experts through a variety of programmes where they may discuss real-world business scenarios. The institute's placement section is also incredibly helpful, encouraging every student to follow their passion and offering internships and positions to everyone who applies because seamedu has so many partners for placement.

      Seamedu is one of the best institutions for the media and entertainment industry like photography, cinematography,sound engineering,video game development, journalism, etc with a decent fee structure. The faculties are well qualified, highly skilled and very much supportive to build a career. The Institute has industry standards equipments, laboratories, studios, dedicated classrooms and they also connect industry experts with students through various workshops discussing about actual parameters of industry situations. The placement department of the Institute is also well supportive as they guide each and every student to pursue their passion and they provide internships to every student and placements to most of the students as seamedu has so many placement partners.

      I would recommend this college to people who are pursuing film making since they give you in depth knowledge about film making, and make you learn a lot of things and insights!

      I'm a graduate of Seamedu Pune 2020 batch. I must say this college has been an integral part of my audio engineering career! This institution has industry standard infrastructure, facilities and faculties. One can expect to learn and enhance skills in any specific stream in the media and entertainment industry, be it film making, audio technology and music, photography or game development. Another plus is a great network of professionals.

      Seamedu - School of Pro-Expressionism is a leading media school offering diploma & degree courses on various streams in Pune including film making, photography, visual effects, animation, game art, game design & development. I've had good experiences and learning in college.


      We, at Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism believe that regular interactions with eminent Industry professionals and Corporate leaders from Media and Entertainment Industry, can contribute to the all-round development of the students. The placement department conducts regular guest lectures, seminars and workshops, by inviting the experience Industry professionals to share their experiences with our students.Training & Placement activities relevance to Soft skills learning sessions are conducted regularly so as to enhance their overall development for personal & professional grooming.


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