Degree in Animation and VFX (Pune)

This program is SBL enabled.

What do international blockbusters and critically-acclaimed motion pictures such as the How to Train Your Dragon series, Game of Thrones, Spiderman, Kung Fu Panda, Interstellar, Penguins of Madagascar, Frozen, and our Indian creations like Bahubali and Roadside Romeo have in common?

They all are either partly or fully animated, and some (if not all) of the animation efforts that went into these globally successful shows and films was carried out right here – in India. The trend for visual effects and animation courses in India has been to focus solely on the software, but for the first time, you can now undertake a course that covers the wide ambit of visual effects and animation in both television and filmmaking.

Our VFX courses in Pune, India are designed, curated and headed by some of the top names in India’s animation industry. Our curriculum is designed to teach students everything from the basics to the most specialized aspects of this industry. Our professional VFX and animation institute in Pune develops students into fully qualified VFX artists with experience in 2D and 3D Animation, Compositing, Lighting, and Live Action Shooting, using software like After Effects and NUKE. Our state of the art equipment which includes Chroma key and Sound Studios makes us a leading choice to get your degree in VFX and animation in Pune.As one would expect with any top VFX professional course, you will have opportunities to intern at some of the best studios and develop your own professional demo reel before our placement support team helps you find work in the visual effects industry.

  • 3 Years
  • 12th/ High School / Equivalent
Awards (On Completion)
  • Bachelor of Science (Animation and VFX) degree from a UGC recognized University in Pune.
  • A Qualification Pack (QP) certificate from MESC (Media & Entertainment Skills Council)

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  • Students will learn from Fundamentals of drawing to Advanced Sketching techniques.
  • Students will learn and be able to practically apply the Pre-Production process in making Animation and VFX film.
  • In-depth practical understanding of 3D Production pipeline and VFX Pipeline.
  • Creating a 3D environment according to VFX shot and camera handling for shoots.
  • Creating 3D assets and characters with photorealistic textures and creating lighting according to VFX shots (to match the real setup)
  • Industry workshops every month, which help students to understand what is currently happening in the industry
  • Animation Day, VFX Jam,Seamedu awards,etc ., where students come together and create amazing output.
  • In-depth understanding of Matte Painting (background) for 3D and VFX shots
  • Students will create Short Films (Live action, 2D, 3D) and Advertisement (Live action, 2D, 3D) with various Visual effects
  • Opportunity to work with our in house "Toolbox Studio".
  • Working with film and sound students to create a holistic project and getting insights into sound and live action films
  • Sound knowledge of stereoscopy to create 3D videos including depth.
  • Software covered : Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe Animate CC, Adobe Media Encoder, Autodesk Maya, The Foundry Nuke, Boris FX Sillhouette, 3D Equalizer, Z-Brush
  • Pulling a Green screen key and creating intermediate background for VFX shots
  • Creating effects like particles, fire, water for VFX
Semester 1 - SBL Enabled
  • Design Principles (Practical)
  • Graphic Design (Practical)
  • 2D design (Practical)
  • History of Art & Animation (Theory)

Semester 2 - SBL Enabled
  • Art styles (Theory)
  • 3D Prop Modeling (Practical)
  • 2D Art (Concept Art & 2D Assets Creation) (Practical)
  • Fundamental of compositing (Practical)
  • Roto Paint (Practical)
  • Game Engine Basics for Animation and VFX (Unity) (Practical)

Semester 3 - SBL Enabled
  • Character modeling (Practical)
  • Texturing and shading (Practical)
  • 2D Animation (Practical)
  • Camera tracking & Match move (Practical)
  • Project - Live action & Presentation (Practical)

Semester 4 - SBL Partially Enabled
  • Lighting and Rendering (Practical)
  • Rigging (Theory)
  • 3D Animation (Practical)
  • Advanced Compositing I (Practical)
  • Game Engine Advance for Animation and VFX (Unity) (Practical)
  • Project - Pre-production & presentation (Practical)

Semester 5 - SBL Partially Enabled
  • Dynamics (Practical)
  • Advanced 3D Modelling (Practical)
  • Video editing (Practical)
  • Project & Presentation for Animation and VFX (Practical)
  • Advanced Compositing II (Practical)

Semester 6 - Practical on Campus
  • Project Planning (Practical)
  • VFX Project and Viva (Practical)
  • 3D Project and Viva (Practical)
  • Soft Skill (Practical)
  • Autodesk Maya
  • The Foundry Nuke
  • Boris FX Sillhouette
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe After effects
  • Z-brush
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe Animate CC
  • Adobe Media Encoder
  • 3D Equalizer
Post-Production Artist
  • 2D Compositing Artist
  • CG Compositing Artist
  • Rotomation Artist
  • Graphic Designer
  • 3D Modeling & Texturing Artist
  • Motion Graphic Artist
  • Match Move Artist
  • Lighting & Rendering Artist
  • 3D Animator
  • Effects (FX) Artist
  • Matte Painting Artist
  • Prep Artist
  • Video Editor

Pre-production Artist
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Character Designer
  • Concept Artist
  • Layout Artist
Will I be able to do this course if I do not have any knowledge of drawing?
Yes, you can. We cover even the basics of drawing and so do not require you to have any prior knowledge of drawing.
Is there scope for a career in VFX and Animation in India
The VFX industry in India is big and is growing exponentially every day. In fact, Indian studios are now acquiring studios in Hollywood and setting up facilities across the world. As with any growing industry, there are new jobs to be had in the VFX field in India, careers to be made and some serious competition!
What software will I learn to use as a part of this course?
The main software you will be using as a part of this course is Photoshop, MonkyJam, Aftereffects, Autodesk Maya, Nuke and Matchmover. You will also use other software like Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint as a part of the course.
How much access will I have to equipment?
The institute maintains the best ratio of equipment for students to their practical’s or project. Depending on the program, students check out their camera and lighting packages on a daily basis, for weekend shoots, or for one and two weeks on longer productions. The editing lab is open till late night for students.
What is the importance of VFX in Animation?
Visual effects are mostly focused on the augmentation or modification of live action but visual effects artists and tools are also used for: Video games, Pre-visualization, 2D to 3D conversion, Special venues and multimedia (in addition of course to films, television and commercials). It is also used in computer graphics animated films (Pixar, DreamWorks, Sony Animation, etc.), mostly to give a more realistic aspect to the animation. With Animation advancing into an almost life-like era VFX is the perfect way to go about it.

Students Successfully Placed At



Nikhil Wasnik

Nikhil Wasnik

After Studios
I'm thankful for the help provided by Seamedu for my placement at one of the finest post production studios in Mumbai After Studios. I'm satisfied with the efforts that were taken. It was a great experience studying at Seamedu, with the help of well-equipped Labs & experienced faculties, I happen to learn a lot during my 3 years Degree course. Also, the exposure was immense
Purvi Deshmukh

Purvi Deshmukh

24 Media Fusion
There are many things I learned in the past 3 yrs. i.e. from basic to final product. Software that has been taught to me are Photoshop, After Effects, Maya, Premiere Pro & some other necessary software as well. We had every day lectures including events where we can show our work & also learnt many new things.
Vedant Sharma

Vedant Sharma

Reliance Games
If you are looking to fill yourselves with knowledge and learning about Game Design, Seamedu is the correct place. I am extremely thankful to the placement team, for giving me an opportunity to showcase my talent at Reliance Games as a Game Designer.
Saptirishi Mukherjee

Saptirishi Mukherjee

The New Indian Express
The school’s frequent study tours to discover the nuances of landscape, wildlife and field photography was one of the main reasons why I chose Seamedu. This actually gave me an advantage to understand what should be focused upon & also how much discipline matters, which helped me in getting through such renowned company for job.
Abhishek Joshi

Abhishek Joshi

Pratibimb Photography
Seamedu has given me a lot of exposure in this field during my education. Also, thanks to the teachers who have made themselves available especially during my time of distress.We have been given various assignment & had participated in lot of outdoor activities, it helped me in learning new concepts and hone my skills as well.
Kaustubh Vetal

Kaustubh Vetal

Ray Scope
I find it very unique the way faculties at Seamedu teaches and assignments are given. Approach is very simple and curriculum is very well defined.We also got opportunity to collaborate with students of other stream, providing us more in depth understanding of what goes behind the scenes while creating a song, feature for news or while clicking a photograph.
Pooja Dubey

Pooja Dubey

Select Media
I joined Seamedu as I wanted to be a part of the entertainment industry, but wasn’t aware how this decision of mine will shape up. Thanks to our faculty members they made this decision of mine successful. After getting this job opportunity, I am sure it will help me in reaching new avenues in the industry.

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