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21st Century Film Making: How We Embraced Digital Technology

film making

Filmmaking technology and technique has been evolving rapidly ever since the first motion picture. Silent films evolved into the talkies which were soon in Technicolor and, more recently, much to the chagrin of traditionalists; 35mm film is fast being replaced by digital film technology. What was once a series of…

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What Goes into Making a Recording Studio Great?

nuage recording studio

Recording music albums or background scores for movies and games can take weeks or months with a wide host of people. Composers, sound engineers, musicians, technicians, producers, mixers may all use a studio’s space for the duration of a project. It is essential that a good studio accommodates all the…

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How Gaming Teaches You Invaluable Life Skills

The usual picture that comes to mind when a ‘gamer’ is mentioned is that of the stereotypical unkempt, unshaven nerd sipping on a soda, surrounded by empty packets of junk food, furiously pushing buttons on a controller while simultaneously bleating out expletives into a headset. That’s some serious multi-tasking right…

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Here’s Why 42, 420 International Students Prefer Studying in India

international students studying in india

India is a culturally diverse country with an amazing heritage to boast of. While India has a little something for everyone who visits the country, it also has a lot to offer to the students who leave their home countries in search of quality education. With access to both a…

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Introducing an All-New Blend of Game Design & Mobile App Development

pokemon go

A geeky whiz-kid or a creative artist? A student really shouldn’t have to pick one role. And this is exactly why Seamedu believes in nurturing both the right and the left brain, giving students a great environment to formulate fresh ideas and help them develop the expertise to execute those…

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