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How Young Game Developers At Seamedu Are Creating Their Own Legacy


From gaming cafés to LAN parties and online meet-ups, everyone from kids to grown-ups have enjoyed the pleasures of video games. Of course, you can’t discount the role of consoles in this burgeoning love for all things gaming either. From the heady days of 8-bit Segas playing the likes of…

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A Masterclass in Journalism – Rajdeep Sardesai Visits Seamedu

rajdeep sardesai session at seamedu

Rajdeep Sardesai is a household name in India today. He is, of course, also a consulting editor at India Today (the news conglomerate), one of the nation’s most well-respected and recognized news anchors, part of India’s rampant Twitterati (with a blue tick to prove it), and an acclaimed author to…

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Exploring Careers in Music Production: The Bigger Picture

mike used for singing at live events

The music industry in India is growing at a rapid pace. From films to advertisements, from records to the radio and from video games to mobile applications (and live events that need audio effects and music) – music producers have specific roles to play in all these scenarios. A music…

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A Quick Glance at Vishal Maurya’s Award-Winning Film ‘B For Bundelkhand‘

Award Winning Film - B for Bundelkhand

Making your own film can be a long journey in itself. It is a journey that you may begin without realising it. Seamedu alumnus, Vishal Mourya, began his journey as a film maker in his childhood. The movies and cartoons he watched in his childhood influenced him to tell his…

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The Verdict: Game Design, Animation & VFX Careers in India


Remember what it was like growing up? Jaws agape at some spectacular video games, animated films and visual effects in Hollywood blockbusters, wondering how someone could create such spectacular visuals! The general consensus was that if something was spectacular it was made abroad. Fair assumption. But well, that’s no longer…

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So You Want to be a Journalist? Here’s What it Takes


So you aspire to become a journalist and are thinking of getting a relevant degree in the subject? You have two options – either take a course in Journalism or go for a specialized degree in Broadcast Journalism. Let’s say you choose a regular Journalism degree. Now imagine this –…

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