What Skills Are Required for a Game Designer?

Game design is a challenging field that tests your abilities at every step. Whether you work in an established studio, as a freelancer, or be a developer of your own game, the skills required for game design remain the same. Along with this, you also need to master the basics of game design and understand the industry at its core before developing and improving your game. If you already possess some of the skills to be a game designer or want to hone your game design skills a little more, you can always opt for courses in game design that will put you on the right path to your dream career.  

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Here are a few obvious and not-so-obvious skills needed for a game designer 


This is probably one of the most essential skills you may need as a game designer. Not only do you need to have an active imagination, but you also need to be well-versed in creative graphic design to create high-quality challenges for your users. Creativity can help you develop interesting puzzles for your users to solve, create a whole new world that players can explore through virtual reality, and create a game environment in which your users will want to immerse themselves.  

Storytelling Ability 

Exciting characters, compelling plot lines, and relatable scenarios can make up some of the best games. The game should touch a need of the user and entertain them in ways that keep them hooked to your game for a long time. This happens with good storytelling ability. As a game designer, you will have to be able to include elements of suspense, humor, and conflict. Only with storytelling soft skills will you capture your audience’s attention and hold it long enough for them to keep playing your game. Storytelling is an essential skill for students as it helps them write funny jokes, follow a specific timing, and come up with other scenarios and paths the player may take while playing the game.  


You cannot create a game all by yourself; it will always include other team members and, at times, even clients. This is why collaboration is essential. Brainstorming, creating a draft, revising it, and then putting it out in the world are the steps of creating your game. With collaboration and teamwork, you can delegate tasks to those who will do them the best and make an excellent collaborative environment for your team. Recognizing the entire team's efforts helps it work more effectively and ensures your team is as invested in the game as you are.  

Time Management 

Time management soft skills are required in every career choice you make. Being able to prioritize deadlines and complete the project on time makes you more efficient in your job. Video game designers need to be able to do their job efficiently and quickly so that it does not negatively affect anyone else on the project. This is why time management skills are fundamental.  

Artistic vision 

Game designers must have an excellent artistic vision; it helps them create great art. Excellent art skills include everything from art direction, sketching and illustration, creating UI/UX, animation, 3D modeling, and many more. These skills make you a better game designer, as you can express your creative vision better, communicate ideas more efficiently, and create unique art for your game.  

A Passion For Video Games 

They say you have to do what you love and love what you do; this means that anyone who does not already possess a deep love for video games will not truly understand what it takes to become a good video game designer. A passion for video games can help you know what kinds of games are trending in the market and what kind of games appeal to you, and you will already have a community of gamers who also share your passion and will help you get a better understanding of what you want your game to look like.  

Programming Skills 

Being a video game designer with no technical skills is nearly impossible. While you do not need to have game programming skills to be a designer, it helps to understand the basics so that you know what needs to be fixed in the off chance that something goes wrong.  


Adaptability skills in the workplace always give you an upper hand. Having adaptability as a soft skill ensures you can pivot at the first signs of a problem and develop an effective solution to make the game-designing process smoother.  

Game design may be a good career choice if you can relate to these skills and possess most of them. If you have a passion for games and want to harness these skills to the best of your ability, check out the BSc in Game Art and Design by SeamEdu School of Pro-expression and take the first steps to start your lucrative career as a game designer today.