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June 29, 2015
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Must Know Project management tips for all upcoming Music Mixing Engineers

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Assuming you are mixing for an album called ‘Sunshine’ for a client called ‘Mark Thomas’ , the song is called ‘Sweet summer breeze’ and is a simple song at 100bpm, 4/4 signature and in D major. The following is what I do.

Make a folder called Mark Thomas'(client name). In this make another folder called ‘Sunshine'(Album name). Now create a Protools/Logic/Cubase/Cakewalk/Ableton/Nueundo/FL/Reaper/Acidpro/Mixcraft or whatever DAW session as ‘Sweet Summer Breeze’. You will have a folder and a session file with the same name created automatically. Save the session file and not the folder as ‘Sweet summer breeze 25/6/15’ in case you are mixing today. Save the file with a new date subsequently, e.g. next day will be ‘Sweet Summer breeze 26/6/15’.Import the stem files, organize your session well and start mixing. Save the next song as a different session name in the ‘Sunshine’ folder and do the same for other songs of the same album.

I normally give myself 3 days to complete a mix, but it can vary for everyone. In the ‘Sweet Summer breeze’ session folder you will have a ‘Bounces’ folder automatically created, make 3 more folders ‘Mixes’ ‘Unmixes’ and ‘Dumps’ in it. Suppose after 7 hours on day 1, I feel I have fried my ears and have lost opinion and decide to make my first bounce, I will bounce it in the ‘Unmixes’ folder by the name ‘Sweetsummerbreeze_25/6/15_100bpm_4/4_Dmaj’ , same thing with a new date the next day.

I believe that the first hour of mixing with fresh ears is the most important and fruitful. Also a mix can be never ending, it is you who has to take a call after being satisfied somewhere. So suppose after an hour on the last day I feel this is almost it I will make a bounce in the ‘Mixes’ folder by the name ‘Sweetsummerbreeze_27/6/15_100bpm_4/4_Dmaj_V1’ V1 meaning Version 1, also I will save the DAW session file name as ‘Sweet summer breeze 27/5/16 V2’ and start making more changes to the mix on the same day, subsequently the bounces will be named replace V1 with V2, V3 etc.

It is very rare that the first final versions of the song will be approved by the client without mentioning changes. Suppose next day you decide to do them, rename the session file accordingly by changing the date and make the bounce in the ‘Mixes’ folder with the same nomenclature system.

By doing this even if you open the session or bounce folder on 10th July 2076 you will still know the tempo, signature and key of the song without wasting time. This could be useful incase you want to make changes maybe after 5 years to the same song.

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