Sports Journalism - An Unknown Avenue of Broadcast Journalism
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Sports Journalism – An Unknown Avenue of Broadcast Journalism

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Are you ready to touch avenues unknown? Sports Journalism

Last couple of days entailed end of the epic & most sought after battle of nations, fighting to be the next world cup champion. What a dramatic win that was for England and off course unanticipated boundaries played a part as well.

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Tennis as well for that matter made the day for most of us. Who had thought to witness 5 hours long chase by the players to win the trophy.

Are you thinking why is that I am blabbering about these sports and in what way Tennis & Cricket can be relatable?

Yeah! Hang on you now.

And I completely agree to your point – how these two match? But you will be astonished to know, they are related, may be not for the sports enthusiast but for a Broadcast Journalism student.

Broadcast Journalism has the potential which lets you spearhead to the avenues which were limited as in case of Journalism. – creating opportunity for a successful career in the industry segment of your choice.One of which is the field of sports.

If you are passionate and has interest in sports – studying & pursuing career in the field of journalism, then broadcast journalism could be your best bet. And NO, I am not going to tell you about the regular jobs like Sports Anchoring, Commentator, Umpiring etc. but an unusual opportunity in the field.

Thanks to the technological advancements in the recent past, sports journalism has become more enticing and has revealed the potential of broadcasting.

Every team, every player, works hard to advance in their game and looks forward to improvise; because of which the requirements for different technology is developing swiftly; to capture effective game play and aid the result making process.

One of the aids technology has accepted on in recent years and arguably the best is the Hawk-Eye Technology.

So, what is Hawk-Eye Technology?

Technology is a brainchild of Dr Paul Hawkins (named after him as well). Hawk-Eye basically is a computer system which traces the ball’s trajectory while it is flying. It’s the most advanced officiating tool, approving a resolution to controversial decisions across many sports.

Why do sports use Hawk-eye technology?

The technology allows referees & sports officials to make accurate decisions without interrupting the game flow and disrupting the play. What else it does is to make the decision fairer for the player, and foremost giving a window (read as opportunity) to the broadcasters, an ability to enhance the viewing experience for the fans like us.

Having said that, it is just not the end of the technological advances live sporting action is going to witness. Read more to understand where does this stand & what is in it.

Future of technology in sport (per say)?

It is apparent that technology has paved its way in every spear not leaving behind sports& why not to take that extra edge. It has because of the widespread usage of technology in sports, it is to be used more frequently and will become more accessible to the lesser renowned sport formats like Kabaddi, or wrestling, or for that matter kho-kho.

Technology such as Hawk-eye and VAR (read as Video-assistant Referee), it is becoming largely accepted in professional sport. This is not all, there are other innovations as well, making it largely a niche sector eagerly welcoming technological advancements & innovations; and has led to the development of numerous additional services like sports production, content management, fan engagement and coaching etc. & ultimately creating unusual job opportunities within the sector.

What could be other job opportunities?

Considering Hawk-eye, its ball-tracking systemis the most advanced officiating tool used, it has become vital and probable part of major sporting fixtures across,creating opportunity in the field of cricket,football, tennis broadcasting.

Basically, this technology generates data in volume, which needs analysis, producing insights and in turn enhancing viewers’ experiences across all broadcasting & other online media channels.

Along with this, creative team works closely with the graphics team and is responsible of generating visually enticing content likethe batsman’s waggon wheel, bowler’s beehive, or green screen analysis of a tennis player’s backhand, multi-angle replays etc.; ensuring that the publishers & broadcasters delivers insightful stories for their audiences.

That’s not all Broadcast Journalism within sport provide variety of job opportunities like Sports Editor, Production Assistant in sports channel, Web producer for Sports Broadcasting, Sports Photojournalist, Communication’s manager for sport brands like Nike; Adidas; Reebok; Fila etc., News associate, Data storytelling Producer and many more.

Unlike journalism, broadcast journalism does not have dearth of branches or job opportunity. All you have to do is to take up a course which can make you excel in the field you were dreaming about, make you learn the nuances and nitty-gritties of the subject as well.

Widely regarded as one of the leading broadcast journalism and mass communication colleges in India, at Seamedu you learn from the best professionals in the industry through workshops, projects, seminars, visits to media houses and placements, thus gaining a real world understanding of the job and what it entails. It also helps you make professional contacts even before you graduate.

Admissions are now open for the upcoming academic season.

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