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November 28, 2014
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November 28, 2014

Top 5 Best Music Production Software

Music production software


What good is a paint and brush without a canvas? The same as having all the gear you need to make music without the right software to put it all together. There are many music production software’s out there free and paid. But why settle for anything but the best? Here are our suggestions on some of the best you will find out there. Don’t settle!

Best Music Production Software’s Available

Apple Logic Pro X

If you are an OS X user, then this is the best you can get in the market. Why is it so different? It is extremely advanced in helping with the process of music making by including track consolidation (track stack), instrument layering, an intuitive mixer for plug-in control, and a “score editor” to allow you to create your own MIDI. And you only need a mouse for that! Then there is the virtual drummer feature that allows for some interactive drumming and implementation of natural sounding kits. The arpeggiator is a lot better than most software’s out there. If you are a learner, it may take some time for you to get a hang of it but you can certainly get away with using it!

Ableton Live

Ableton since its release in 1999 has remained a popular and for good reason. You have all the regular and standard multi-track recording (an unlimited number of audio/MIDI tracks for songs) and cut/paste/splice features, but what’s brilliant about this software is the flawless MIDI sequencing software and hardware. And then there are the sound packages that are included. It all depends on individual taste but it has 23 sound packages and you can make music then and there if you want to. The absolutely best part about Ableton however, is that is also the best music production software for performing live with very few glitches if at all any occurring. The cherry on this cake is the fact that Ableton has paired up with brands to create some gear especially for it! Dj’s can use ableton live for performing live.

Fruity loops

An amateur? There is something out there for you too! Fruity Loops by Image-Line even though has the standard protocol for pitch-shifting, correction, time stretch, paste and the works, it has an interface that is better suited for a beginner. It takes a bit for reading but once you get through that, you are ready to begin! What makes it damn easy is that you will find some tutorial videos dated as far back as 2005 on Youtube. You can use MIDI keyboards, record with a microphone, conduct standard editing and mixing — it has just you what you need from a simple interface. There are some advanced features as well, so once you know the basics better, you can go further into these. It is very user friendly when it comes adding virtual instruments and playing them on MIDI, whether you have a PC or a MAC.

Avid Pro Tools

Do we really need to talk about this software? The industry standard is set by it and is perfectly suited for the professional! But you really need a certified program to get to the stage of using this software with ease. It has the standard ability to compose, record, mix, edit, master, etc. The advanced features are that has its own Avid Audio Engine which gives you a super-fast processor, a 64-bit memory capacity for sessions to ensure that there is never lag or freeze, its own latency input buffer to help with avoiding delay, and built-in metering. You can change the tempo with time-stretch for any track, and theirs is Elastic Pitch that’s a bit like autotune very much for correcting harmonies. Also comes with 70 effects and plug-ins: reverbs, compressors, EQ’s, channel stripping, the works — merely anything you can think of, Pro Tools has. It is not possible to even begin listing the things it can do.

Apple Garageband

Here is another product that is simply meant for the beginners. And let us give you some good news, it is FREE! If your young one wants to make some cool tunes just for the heck of it, this is the perfect choice. But still there are some professionals who prefer it for the simplicity and ease of use that comes with it! Its friendly interface helps you visualize exactly what you are making with the keyboard, synths and percussions. It also has some solid presets for vocal and guitar recording. It also has a built in feature that helps you learn the guitar and the piano. It can support your USB and gives you some built in loops to mess around with. The smart control gives you access to the interactive plugs-ins like knobs, buttons, sliders and more. We are yet to see a music production software that is this good and free!

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